Posted: March 23, 2004 in Uncategorized

Hey hey y’all….what’s crackalackin’ folks? I’m doin’ quite ahight….it’s been a few days since i’ve said anything up in herre, so i though i’d holla . Here’s how it’s been goin’ down:

-I’m over my sickness….i was just having a bad allergic reaction. So, I’ve still got the meds and all that fun stuff….so I’mma be ahight.

-School’s going okay….I’ve been kinda bad about procrastination, which is something i’ve never really struggled with that much. For instance, I had a research paper due yesterday for my music theory class. I’ve had the books for about a week and a half…and did a lil’ reading. Although, I didn’t start actually typing until Saturday….got 2 pages done….then, i started back at 10pm sunday night, and didn’t finish till 6:45am monday morning…went to work at 7, and came back and went to school. NEVER AGAIN!! Granted, I was busy, and sick….and really wanted to just relax during my off-time, but man….I shouldn’t have done that! Not a smart thing to do

-Work is goin’ ahight. I’m learnin’ more and more each day…and i’m gettin’ to really know my students really well. I’m starting to notice that they’re willing to share what’s goin’ on in their lives….which is pretty cool, cuz it gives me an opportunity to really know where they come from…it’s awesome! I love mah kids….

-Family’s doin’ ahight too….although, my great grandmother (dad’s grandmother) passed away on sunday morning. She was 93, and was such sweet woman! It was pretty much expected…she’s been in the hospital for a while. Sad times, but it’s so awesome that she’s with Jesus right now! I know she is!! Juss gotta keep the family in prayer, cuz i know it’s hard. My mom’s doin’ okiday too…she’s still workin’ a lot and stuff…but i chat w/her er’y other day juss about…so that’s cooh.

-Friends are doin’ great. Jessie’s in town for the week, so I’mma hang out w/her tonight. Tran will be comin’ next week…Chris is gonna be herre this weekend (i missed him when he was herre last weekend)…so it’ll be cooh to see all of them. The boyz are doin’ well too. Cesar, Mike, Frank, Eric, and Charles have been doin’ a lot of stuff with PCN…Charles has started going to Calvary Chapel (my church) a lot, which is AWESOME cuz I’m definitely seeing a change in Charles….he’s growin in Jesus y’all!! I’ve prayed about that a whole bunch…also, Grace is gonna come with me to church on Sunday, which is VERY exciting as well! The souljahz are also doin’ perdy good. We had an awesome time of fellowship on Sunday night….

Ya know, it’s really amazing how God specifically places people in our lives. I’ve been blessed with such a wonderful mix of friends…i’m far too undeserving. The people I live with are just HILARIOUS….when i come home from such a hard day, it’s always great to be entertained by all of their shinanigans…Thanks y’all! To the boyz, we’ve been down since forever y’all….it’s so awesome how well we all know each other….our likes…dislikes…our idiosyncracies….it’s just great! To the Souljahz….man, each of you inspire me in such a wonderful way. I’m continually amazed by the ways you express your love for the Lord, it’s awesome…thanks so much for your daily encouragement!

I can just go on and on about my friends….but ya know, I’m so grateful for each and every one of them….even if we barely juss met, or if we’ve known each other forever. I’m extremely appreciative of the things they do for meeh on a daily basis–it’s an awesome blessing yo! Much love to all mah friends yo!!

Welp, i’m outtie…take care, and have an off-the-heezy week!!

…drink red kool-aid….


  1. NerdfaceMo says:

    Hey Marcus! I just wanted to drop a line and say HI ! I loved what you said about friends and I totally agree! I hope you have an awesome week as well .

  2. mochi0115 says:

    when i read “idiosyncrasies” i suddenly remembered that time when you said “vaklempt” (i know i totally butchered that spelling) at the conference. haha just thought i’d tell you that. anyway, its good to hear things are going great for ya ;).. i’m in town till sunday. hopefully we’ll get to see each other! take care marcus 🙂

  3. Jordan_45 says:

    Marcus, Thanks for keeping me in your prayers.  You’ve always been a great friend.

  4. seanjames7 says:

    Marcus! Whats goin’ on? I didn’t know you had a xanga… wow… well, Holy Week is almost here… have a great Easter!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hey Marcus! Hope you have a great Easter and vacation. Im goin to Vegas to watch blue man group and O…whatever that is. Well, ill talk to ya later man, oh ya, im not goin to take a shower so there!

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