Posted: April 3, 2004 in Uncategorized

Well now….it’s been a while since i’ve documented my life’s events. Wow….”documented my life’s events”… incredibly white was that?! Hahaha…..jk

I’ve juss been doin’ the same ol’ thang yo. Go to school….work….church…….work…school. But hey it’s all good. I’m busy…but I’d much rather be busy doing stuff, than being completely bored out of my mind I suppose. I guess that’s just something I get from mah mom….she’s the same way….

This week at school was interesting. Remember that term paper I totally procrastinated on (which i’ll NEVER do again)….yeah….I got an A- on it. Haha!! Hey man…not bad for 10 hours of work. That was the first time I’d ever done something like that…..oh man….it sucked. Had a jazz band concert tuesday evening…..possibly the BEST solos I’ve ever played yo….hit the changes perdy well. However, the sax soli in the last chart, we hurled chunks all over it….I felt so horrible! As the section leader, I felt super responsible for that….I mean, yeah, we ALL worked hard on it….but I still felt the burden. We’re goin’ to Reno perdy soon…where we’ll be performing that very piece….i guess you know what i’ll be doin’ a lot of over spring break! We didn’t have school on wednesday (Cesar Chavez Day). Thursday at school was blah….today was “YAY!” Spring Break begins!

This week at work was cooh. My kids earned a Superior rating for their performance at CMEA festival. I’m so proud of them! They certainly deserved that rating. They’re the reason I enjoy going to work. They’re a funny group of kids…..sometimes the fun gets out of hand (i.e. when it interferes with working)….but I know they mean well. I really hope that the things I’m teaching are actually helping them….

Ya know….sometimes I seriously wonder how my students are doing in their personal lives. There was a situation that happened on thursday, that really made me think “Man…so much drama up in herre….” I remember what it was like being a high school student….dang. I was one busy kid….always wantin’ doin’ more than I had to….overworking….stressed….and on top of that, dealing with the my parents’ divorce. Even more stressful was seeing some of the people i loved/cared for indulge in drunkeness/promiscuity amongst some of my peers. Difficult times yo. I’ll tell you what though….I wouldn’t have made it through….had it not been for my band director….and I’m totally sure that God used him in that awesome way, so that I’d be sure to make it….and THAT’S what I want for my students. Not only do I want for them to learn….but I want them to know that I’m there for them 100%….to lend an ear…a shoulder….or a good laugh….and that’s f’sho….

Welp, I should really get goin’. My plans for spring break? RELAX…..while I write an 8 page term paper and practice. HA! Really wanna juss make sure I hang out with my mom and do as much as I can for her…..I don’t get to see her much at all. Also plannin’ a trip to Universal Studios w/the boys….which should be interesting (i’ve never been there). I’m lookin’ forward to sleepin’ in and stuff thoe….oh man….that’s off the heez’ f’sheez yo!! Take care y’all, and have an awesome break!

….drink red kool-aid….


P.S. Pray for Jeff yo! He left for Mexico to do some missions work….won’t be back till next friday….thanks y’all!

  1. christuba says:

    how can you relax while writing an 8 page report.

  2. lbtran says:

    That CD absolutely rocks.
    Switchfoot rules.

  3. hey marcus…how you have a good spring break…Universal Studios is so much fun… I went last spring break…anywaise…take care and don’t work so hard…haha…:)

  4. oops…i messed up…i meant…HOPE you have a good spring break…haha…

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