Posted: April 4, 2004 in Uncategorized

……Home….Sweet Home!!!…..

Ah man….I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to be home in a very long time. I dunno what it is….but it’s all good ^_^

So today, I came to Lemoore at about 12, went to hanford with my mom. Had to go to the bank, stopped by the gas station….then headed to Sizzler and bought my mom lunch. She’s really glad i’m home. Had a good time juss eatin’ and hangin’ out. She’s coming with me to church on Easter! Man….i’m excited about that f’reals. My mom’s always been kinda curious about my faith….and the church I go to….so hopefully she’ll at least enjoy her time there. If you guys could pray for my mom, that would be off the heez’ f’sheez yo.

Did some laundry today…..a GRIP of laundry….haha…but oh wells. Kinda juss chilled really. Free time is amazing…i’ve never had it before….hahaha jk. It’s just been a while since i’ve been able to just….well….BE….It’s great yo! After doin’ some laundry and chillin….i headed to Zeny’s and grabbed some dinner…..Rice, Menudo, and Pancit…good times yo. Headed over to Cesar’s and met with Cesar, Eric, Charles, Badger, Edj, and Warren….went to “Amigos” in hanford to grab some dessert….deep fried ice cream….GOOD STUFF Then we headed to starbucks and hung out for a bit (it was too noisy to hang out at Amigos), and planned our trip to Universal. Should be good times! I’m excited to be able to hang out w/er’body….

Welp, I should get goin’…..gots church in the mornin’, and we’re losin’ one hour of sleep I hope y’all have an off-the-heezy-f’sheezy Sunday!! God bless y’all!!

….drink red kool-aid….



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