Posted: April 5, 2004 in Uncategorized

What it is right now yo?! Hopefully it’s all good for you… SHO’NUFF is for me! Why? Well…’s sunday….and tomorrow, I DON’T HAVE TO GO TO SCHOOL!! That’s tight huh?! Hehehe!! Here’s how it went down today:

I missed church this morning…. I overslept!!! I’m so STUPID! I even woke up at 9am this mornin’, but i said “eh….i can sleep for another 20 minutes” <church is at 10:15am…). I WOKE UP AGAIN AT 10:49…..i was so mad at myself yo. I didn't hear my alarm go off either. Wasn't ringin' when i woke up either. Needless to say, I was upset about missin' church this morning….but I remembered that it was the first sunday of the month…which means that my church is having a potluck and communion/worship in the evening. So, at least I had that to go to….

Grabbed some lunch at White Top….shoot….why can’t they call it BLACK top?? Just kidding yo….hahaha. Came back, cleaned up after my dogs, and cleaned the pool. It was then that I realized “man….my mom’s so busy….this place is a mess!!” So throughout the week I wanna make sure that I take care of some chores around the house. Cuz yeah…mom can’t do it on her own.

Later on, I picked up Charles and Mike, then we headed to Zeny’s to pick up 50 lumpia for the potluck. We stopped by eric’s to say goodbye to tran and jennie, then headed to my church. Got our grub on, then on to the worship and communion service. Man, it was juss cooh…being there and singin’…fellowshipping with the congregation. People were encouraged to share verses and prayer requests, which was cool cuz toward the end of the service, you begin noticing a pattern that lies within all the shared scripture and the prayer requests. Man….Jesus is tight yo….I love how that works out.

I will have to say that the most moving part of the service was when Mike, Charles and I took communion….and we took some time to pray and reflect on the Jesus’s death on the cross….we prayed for people….our friends….our families…..but man….all’s I gotta say is that Charles…I’m so glad to see such an awesome change in you bro. It’s such an encouragement for me to witness your newlyfound love for the Lord bro!

Afterwards, we bounced over to Applebee’s cuz Warren called us and told us to go there….so I decided I’d go ahead and get an Oreo shake…..MAN….it was GOOD! Saw Beehler and Justin (havin’ seen justin in a LONG time)….so i holla’d at them for a bit….Man….keep Beehler’s family in prayer….his grandfather’s been sick in the hospital for a while…and it doesn’t look like he’ll be with us for too long…so if u could pray for them, that’d be great. Left Applebee’s, now I’m herre…juss chillin….

Welp, I’mma bounce. I think I’mma read for a little bit…y’all take care, and I hope you had a great day…..lates!

….drink red kool-aid….



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