Posted: April 6, 2004 in Uncategorized

Yo yo…..what it is right now?! I’m doin’ ahight….just chillin’ here…thought I’d holla at y’all for a bit Here’s how it went down today:

Woke up at about 11:30am…..oh man….an 11-hour sleep! I haven’t slept like that in a LOOOOOOOOONNNNG time! I woke up very refreshed Did a lil’ devotional….read from Psalm 121…here’s a lil’ bit of that for ya: “Behold, He who keeps Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep. . .” (verse 4). Man….it’s pretty cooh knowing that we’re all under the Lord’s constant view and care

Mowed the lawn….. Man….the grass hasn’t been cut in such a long time….it was all thick and tall! I had to stop er’y like 40 seconds to empty out the grass bin. Haha….oh wells…the grass looks much more….presentable….! Grabbed some lunch afterwards. And no….it wasn’t fried chicken…rice….or cornbread. It was good ol’ white people food: cheesebuger and fries….I know, i know….you’re prolly thinkin’ something’s wrong w/meeh….hahaha….it’s all good…juss thought i’d change it up a bit

I talked to my friend Robert Beehler today. His grandfather’s been in the hospital for a while….he passed away early this morning. His family’s doin’ ahight….shock factors always accompany deaths, no matter how expected they are. But if y’all could keep Robert and his family in prayer, that’d be great. Juss pray that God would comfort his family, and guide them as they prepare for funeral services.

Practiced my sax for about an hour today. I have a jury in about a month….so i’m brushin’ up on some scales and stuff…worked on a pretty difficult passage today from the music i’ll be playin’ on the New Orleans trip. Oh yeah, I don’t think i’ve mentioned that yet :laughing!! From April 16 to April 20, I’ll be in New Orelans for a band festival dealio. It’ll be AWESOME!! I’m lookin’ forward to the music, the festival…and oh yeah…that whole educational experience thang…hahaha So yeah…i practiced some of that music today.

Took a shower, then picked up Frank in Hanford. Vic’s birthday is today, and he invited a grip of us to a dinner at Omaya Japanese Restaurant….it was Vic, his brother Chino, me, Frank, Cesar, Eric, Charles, Grace, Kim, Jordan, and Grace. I just met Chino and Jordan today….man…Charles and Jordan are like, EXACTLY alike yo….it’s scurry! That was the first time I’ve eaten at that place yo….but it was GOOD… wut if i spent $25.00 there It was good food…..i left full…..and besides…how often to I ever spend that much on a meal? It’s a rarity yo…

So now I’m herre…..juss kinda chillin….chattin’ w/some friends on AIM/MSN….I had a great day, and it looks like tomorrow’s gonna be tight too. Actually, this whole break is gonna be nice! I’ll be goin’ to Universal Studios….to the Coast….and my mom’s comin’ to Church with me on Easter. This looks to be one of the best spring breaks ever yo. I’m hopin’ things are goin’ well for y’all too! I’ll holla at y’all later….peace outtie!!

….drink red kool-aid….


  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey, its marcus. Hi marcus!

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