Posted: April 8, 2004 in Uncategorized

Wussup yo?! I’m doin’ ahight o’er herre in good ol’ Lemoore. Here’s how it’s been goin’ down:

Woke up at about 4am yesterday, and we [me, Eric, Cesar, Charles, Warren, Mike, Rachel, Grace, Edj and Badger] left for Universal Studios (left at about 5). Got to Universal by about 8:30am. It was my first time there, and I’ve gotta say…it was actually perdy fun! I mean, I knew it was gonna be cooh w/mah homies anyway, but the actual park was better than I thought it would be

Rides included the following: Back to the Future (hecka better than star tours at disneyland yo), Studio Tours (oh man…off the heezy), Shrek 3-D (totally on the heezy….it sucked), Jurassic Park (thank goodness for panchos….you get incredibly wet from that ride), Backdraft (i left the show darker than I had arrived…haha jk ), Special Effects Tour (hahaha….i now know the secrets…..i’ll share them with you for a bucket of chicken and a watermelon!!…. jk), and the T2 dealio (“I’ll be black…” er, uhhh….”I’ll be back…” ). Food was incredibly expensive, as anticipated. I spent 23 bucks on two meals that 1) wasn’t all that great & 2) didn’t fill me up. I tried some fried chicken over there….lemme tell you….i was fairly dissappointed (but hungry ).

Some interesting highlights:
-Rachel gettin’ hit on by some character (dunno what movie he’s supposed to be from)…hahaha!
-seeing the different studios
-rockin’ the mic……perhaps y’all could ask me about that another time
-juss takin’ a trip w/awesome friends

Left Universal at about 7:30 and headed to West Covina, met tran there,and ate at Thai Barbeque restaurant….OH MY GOSH …..HECKA good food yo!! I had a deep-fried stuffed hen (stuffed w/shrimp and pork), thai rice, and thai iced tea. Oh man… dang good…..i’m hungry again now… Left there at about 10:00pm, got back to Bruce Lee-more by about 1:45am w/a couple stops. Came home, and went to sleep woke up at 12:00pm

My analysis of the trip: Fun times yo!

Only gots a few more days of break….I plan on practicin’ as much as i can….gettin’ that term paper for my music 187 class done, hangin’ out more, and goin’ to the coast on saturday. Should be cooh yo.

I bess be bouncin’. I hope y’all have an awesome day, and I’ll hit ya up later ahightee?! Cool dizzle….peace out!

….drink red kool-aid….



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