Posted: April 10, 2004 in Uncategorized

Yo yo yo yo yo!! What’s crackin’?! Nada mucho up in herre mang….here’s how it went down today.

Spent the day at the coast (Morro Bay, specifically) with my mom, Chris, and his parents. It was actually perdy cooh….not to mention spontaneous! All week, my mom was plannin’ to go to the coast today, but then we decided to juss stay home….then we decided to go, but would leave friday night, but then we changed our minds….then we asked the Mateo’s if they wanted to go, and by doin’ so we all decided to go to the Sequoias (since it was supposedly closer than the coast, and they needed to be back by 6). So, at about 9:30am, as my mom, the Mateos and I pulled out of the drive way, we decided to go to Morro Bay. Such a confusing process huh?! Kinda fun thoe…..

Got there at about 12:00pm. We were all hungry, so we bounced over to this one sit-down place for lunch….forgot the name…so sorry. I had this Fisherman’s Platter dealio: cod, scallops, shrimp, and oysters with rice and clam chowder. Good stuff!…’specially the clam chowder mang! It was off the heez f’sheez’

After eatin’, we walked around. Browsed some of the stores and purchased the following items: chocolate covered raisins, a small filipino flag, a mock parking sign that reads “parking for filipinos only….violators will be towed away” , sandals, tickets to a small aquarium, and SKRIMP….that’s shrimp for y’all non-ghetto folk….We bought some fresh shrimp (about 2 lbs. worth), and we brought it home. Oh man…mom’s gonna hook it up with some AWESOME shrimp tempura perdy soon 😉 Chris’s dad bought me a shot glass…..I’ll obviously be using that for displaying purposes…seeing that I don’t drink alcohol. However, I COULD use it for red kool-aid….but why such a small glass, when i could use a big ol’ cup yo?! hehehe! After browsing, we headed closer to Morro Rock…took some pictures…then bizzounced outs the hizzouse (or…bizzay, rather)…by 4pm.

Ya know, I was completely taken away today by the awesome marine life i saw today. I totally forgot how much I used to love visiting the coast….viewing the ocean at its wonderful splendor…..the marine animals….the serene environment altogether. Man…it was awesome to view God’s creation in that way again. I definitely need to do that more often….God’s too good to me….I seriously don’t deserve His goodness….no one does….but He gives it freely anyway, cuz He loves us all so much: “I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly” (John 10:10).

Ahight yo…i’mma bounce. Gots some practicin’ to do….prolly hang out somewhere tonight….I dunno. Easter’s tomorrow! I hope that y’all have a awesome one! Peace outtie folks!!

….drink red kool-aid….


  1. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like fun.. Morro Bay is a fun place. I have a “parking for armenians only” sign 🙂
    Happy Easter! Christ has risen! -Brad

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