Posted: April 15, 2004 in Uncategorized

Hey y’all…..sorry it’s been a while! School’s started back up again, so i’ve been kinda busy….

Right now i’m on my laptop…waiting for class to start…hahaha! Professor’s runnin’ a lil’ late, so i thought i’d holla This week has just been killer….i’m leavin’ for New Orleans tomorrow….i’ll be missing 3 days of school for it! So i’ve had to notifty all my teachers and talk to ’em about making up stuff….some stuff juss had to be done before I leave. It’s been a lil’ strenuous lately, but it’s been all good.

Other highlights this week…..well, not too much really. However, tuesday was April 13, 2004, which marked the one year anniversary of our men’s group (the Souljahz) first meeting. We just took some time to reflect on the past year, spend some time in prayer…it was juss a good time! God’s seriously done some great things though our fellowship–it’s tight yo! I’m so glad to have them in my life…God is good!

Welp, professor just walked in, so i better run. I guess i’ll juss holla once i get back from N’awlins If y’all could keep us in prayer, that’d be great yo! To “the boyz” and the Souljahz, i hope that y’all have some time to relax this weekend! To mah lil’ Bullard Children….YOU BETTER BE PRACTICING THOSE LONG TONES! I WANNA HEAR A DIFFERENT BAND WHEN I GET BACK! (and by different, i mean better breath support and tone )…i’ll miss ya…don’t give mr. davis too much trouble! And to EVERYONE, have a GREAT weekend!! Peace easy y’all….

….drink red kool-aid….


  1. Anonymous says:

    I dont want to pratice long tones.

  2. SiLlYMaR says:

    hey markutz,You remember me?Its mar, well marquel. Just thought i would say hi cause i found you so yeah hope your doin good. I guess im hangin in there myself, so talk to you soon hopefully always, Mar

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