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***YOU MUST READ THIS ENTRY*** (don’t worry…you’ll see why….)

Hey er’body! I’m back! Well actually…i’ve been back since wednesday…hahaha! I juss needed some time get back into the swing of things….

New Orleans was awesome yo…there was music everywhere….EVERYWHERE!!! And it was JAZZ music….oh man, i loved listening…there were some AMAZING players over there. And the food….….it was GOOD! Good ol’ authentic cajun food! Here were some of the highlights of the trip:

*going on a jazz dinner cruise on the Mississippi River
*going on a swamp tour…and holding an alligator
*outperforming the University of New Orleans Wind Ensemble (the audience told it all folks…haha….)
*crawfish, shrimp, red beans and rice, gumbo, seafood pasta, beginets (sp?)….need i go on?
*having a jam session with some dang good musicians…including a professional jazz pianist
*getting to know some of the people i came to new orleans with…y’all made it so much fun!

….and of course….there were some not so cool stuff:

*HORRIBLE food service at some of these places (granted, the food kinda made up for it..people were just kinda mean)
*Bourbon Street at night….man….drunkeness and nekkidness everywhere….i feel so bad for those people, because they were indulging in something that’s only destroying their spirit. Keep ’em in prayer yo…..(although, we did find a TIGHT jazz club down that street though…some REAL jazz yo…it was great)
*the hotel SUCKED! there were 16 floors, and out of the 10 elevators they had, 3 of them worked….it was kinda old school over there….at least we had a place to stay thoe…

All in all, it was cooh there….i had always wanted to go!!

Coming back to school was the hard part whatever. I missed a lot of class…so i’m a bit behind, and am in the process of catching up. During the time I was gone, an amazing musician passed away…Mr. Paul Shagoian. He was a remarkable musician, educator, and entrepeneur…and will be dearly missed. His family and friends will be kept in prayer.

and get this….

The day I came back to school, a girl from University High School committed suicide in the music building….one of the practice rooms. When I found out, I was in complete shock….someone hated life so much, that she took her own life in an attempt to “escape” it. I felt so bad for her friends and family…..and for HER. Through some information I’ve heard, someone told me that this girl was heavily ridiculed….people called her “trailer trash” and stuff….whether or not that was said to her face, I hope and pray that the people who mocked her realize the extensiveness of this situation. Please pray for not only the girl’s family and friends, but also for those who may have missed out on getting to know someone who I’m sure was special….

All this talk of life and death certainly makes me appreciate all I have. I’m blessed with love, food, clothes, shelter…an education that’s nearly free of cost at a decent school….a family, despite the difficulties lived within it, that loves me deeply….friends who care a great deal….a job that allows me not only early job experience, but allows me the opportunity to work with amazing kids and make a difference in their lives. Man….I’m not deserving of this at all….but i’ve been greatly blessed.

If you’re readin’ this, I want ya to know that I love you….you could be a stranger that juss comes across my xanga…or a friend i haven’t talked to for a while….one of my students….or someone i see every day. But I want ya to know, that I appreciate you….cuz God made you, and you’re off the heezy! Sorry for gettin’ sappy y’all, but that’s juss what’s been goin’ on with meeh yo….take care, and peace easy!!

….drink red kool-aid….


  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Marcus! glad to know your back safely… this week was very hectic. Im sure you had a great time in new orleans and all that JAZZ! reno tomorrow! are you going? its probably too late to find out now. Much love to you as well, brotha.By the way, ever heard of Rebirth Brass Band? Awesome new orleans jazz!

  2. tengolballer says:

    Ms. Gaines says hi!

  3. SiLlYMaR says:

    hey you
    new orleans sounded fun. Well thank you for what you said in your comment. I really appreciated it. Oh and hey guess what tomorrow is? MY BIRTHDAY yeeaaahhhh. Ok anyway ya well hope to talk to you soon take care

  4. Anonymous says:

    oh my…that’s like the longest entry ever!!!!!!! i read the first paragraph, the middle, and the end 🙂 hey at least i read the i love you part…you’re soo sweet. i wuv u tooooo.anyways, how you been homie?? i’m glad life is treating you well–just wanna drop by to say hey..alrighty take it easy 🙂 jlee (sophia and felicia’s cousin from florida)

  5. Hey marcus I finally got to see your xanga it is really cool! and ALL OF US AT BULLARD LOVE YOU TOO!!!      Bye
    Marina A.K.A. “The flying Tortilla” ;-P

  6. ScoobyDoo247 says:

    yo man this is keith.  Glad ya had fun in the dirtay south. Hopefully when i transfer id get 2 go on trips like that. that really a downer bout that girl…im surprised it wasnt on the news or in the paper. i hope those people who made fun of her susposidly realize wat goes around comes around in some way shape or form.

  7. Chuckchuckb1 says:

    hola marcus, it’s me chuckles just thought I’d say hi, so well, um, hi, this is an old posting so i doubt you’ll read it, but whatever see you at school

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