Posted: May 29, 2004 in Uncategorized

What it is right now, mah homie-g-skillet-spunk-funk-bubba-slice-biscuits??!! This is your friendly neighborhood blackipino, keepin’ it f’sho in two-thousand-and-fo’!! (mmm hmm…)

So, I’ve been enjoying my summer thus far. I’m still not really able to sleep in, cuz Bullard doesn’t get out until next week. But even still, goin’ to work isn’t a drag…so it’s all good. They actually started their finals today, and will continue them through next week. Graduation is next wednesday, so I’ll be sure to check that out and see mah Seniors move on

This past monday (until wednesday) was the band council retreat….and I have a confession to make. I wasn’t exactly looking forward to it all that much…this year really stretched me out rather thin, and I didn’t exactly feel like IMMEDIATELY thinking about next year!! But, when it came to sunday night – as I packed for the retreat – I remembered how much i really enjoy that retreat every year. Why? Because of the people in it…..SOOO many different personalities! I have some of my very close friends in that council – but part of my mission on this retreat was to try to stay away from them really…so that I could get to know the others in the group…and oh man….it was TIGHT! We’ve a lot of new council members this year, and honestly, it does bump up some pressure for some of us veterans. But hey, we’ve gotta step it up, and also have faith in the newbies….they wouldn’t be on the council if they couldn’t get the job done. I’m lookin’ forward to an amazing season with the Bulldog Marching Band…as it will be my final season with them….

Things at the new apartment are goin’ well. We’re actually getting another roommate! Our friend Daniel Hernandez will be movin’ it with us….and man, that’s gonna be so tight…Dan’s a real good guy…and hecka funny! So, not only will my rent contribution decrease (), but we’ll add a great person to our mix…we’re still figuring out arrangements for our apartment’s set up, but man…i’m so thankful to the Lord for how things are working out…

I finally got my USA schedule….i’ll be teaching in washington (state), sacramento, san diego (twice), and los angeles….some pretty HUGE camps. I really need to get back into practicin’ mah spinning a lil’ more…it’s been a while…haha!!

Welp, I should be gettin’ ready for bed. I’ve got a pretty eventful weekend ahead of me, so it should be cooh. I hope y’all have a GREAT weekend! It’s Memorial Day weekend yo! Take some time and remember those who made some significant sacrifices for our country…even if it’s just for a minute! Take care y’all…I love ya…

….drink red kool-aid….


  1. quiet_menace says:

    hey! i’m going to be here at la the whole summer ‘cuz i’m taking summer school. when you have a free moment during camp, we should get together and hang out and grab some food or something!

  2. crisp_potato says:

    When are you gonna be in Sac?  Any weekends perhaps?  Lemme know bro…

  3. slappee says:

    lol,when are you gonna be in SD? i’ll prolly be there a lot too, that’s way too funny… you’re a popular blackipino!! and red kool aid ROCKS!!

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