Posted: June 16, 2004 in Uncategorized

Yo yo yo….wut it is right now folks?

So it’s been a while….sorry ’bout that y’all! I’ve been pretty busy with a whole bunch of stuff. I’ve just recently returned from staff training for the United Spirit Association (USA). I’ll be teaching them Drum Major camps again this summer (as i mentioned in an earlier post). It was really cooh…..LITERALLY! The weather was AWESOME…then I had to come back to SCORCHING HOT FRESNO!! Oh wells though. It was awesome to see the other staff members again…and to meet the new ones. It’s gonna be a great summer of teaching! I’m lookin’ forward to gettin’ mah drum major on yo!

Things have been so much better as of late. I just need a servant’s heart y’all….and that’s what i’ve been praying for. And you know, it’s so great to know that I’ve so many people who juss care enough to send emails, text messages, “eprops” or prayers in my direction. I’m eternally humbled by God’s graciousness in giving me so much in life…even my trials, because I know they’re meant for my own betterment.

So….some interesting things are goin’ down as far as my job is concerned. Tomorrow, I’ve got a meeting with the band backer president and the principal. I don’t really know what we’ll be discussing, other than the new director’s position. So hopefully I’ll have a better ideas as to what’ll be goin on with that. I’ve also been talking to my band director (Dr. Gary Gilroy) who’s the writer for our field show music. He’s already started writing the music for Van Helsing…and oh man….BULLARD KIDS….YOU BESS BE READY…that’s all i gotta say! This show is gonna be friggin SICK. I’ve still gotta get permission for the music, which Gary said I would more than likely get.

Welp, i’mma bounce. I’ve gotta take care of a few things today. I hope y’all have a great day. Take care, and I’ll catch ya later!

….drink red kool-aid….


  1. Anonymous says:

    whos writin the drum book?

  2. Anonymous says:

    marcus, i am sure no matter what happens this season it will be off the hizzy cuz we have you as our most excellent teacher

  3. Hey marcus wow a lot of stuff has happened i didnt even know mr davis wasnt coming back next year and i think it is cool that bullard is doing van helsing that is going to be awesome you guys are going to do so good!!!! I have pretty much been isolated from everything not on purpose but because right after graduation life has been a big rollar coaster ride anyway hope things go good on your meeting talk to you soon
    ~marina and my flying tortilla~

  4. YAY, MARCHING BAND! aww, band director YAY RED KOOL-AID! aww, artifical grape is grossYAY, FOR ME, CHRISTINA! aww, my split personalitiysYAY!!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    what the…..
    …. ANYWAY, thats so cool, DRUM SOLO! YES! lets just hope the pit can play… hehe… we need to find a good pit instructor.. I have mike or jared in mind. what do you think? Good luck with your meeting!

  6. MerchGirl says:

    What?!?!?! lets hope the pit can play from brad??!?! Marcus my man, tell me ya give us mroe credit than him.. right…?…right?

  7. jazstmpr67 says:

    Hey, I’m going with TW and TU DM’s to camp in July at SD. We will be there on the first dates not the MDM cuz that runs into our band camps. So I’ll be seeing ya then. Hugs, Kathi

  8. ScoobyDoo247 says:

    van helsing huh?? man thats gonna be so freakin sick i cant wait to see bullard’s for lemoore i dont know wat the show will be or wat will be goin on guess ill have to wait till band camp to see wat happens n if that new guy will let me teach the drumline. Ill be lookin forward to seein ya again n everyone else durin marchin season or just around…
    The Token Blackguy Of DrumlineKeithizzle Fo Shizzle

  9. Anonymous says:

    hey marcus, How’d that meeting go? know anuything about AP Music Theory.. I have been hearing they got rid of it, and I have heard the kept it… Figured u would know.

  10. Chuckchuckb1 says:

    marcus, our show is gonna be tightizzle up in the hizzal.  How did the meeting go and who are you guys considering for the position of lumberjack?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Right now, from what I hear, her name is Cynthia Tillman (somthin like that). What ive been told is that she is strong, and she is of the African persuasion.

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