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Well wudduya know….a new look on the xanga?!WOW! Well…today was boring…my car broke (new alternator needed)…after I had just gotten the A/C fixed, the brakes done (including anti-lock)…could this be the sign of a car no longer wanting to be driven?! SOOOO…yeah…not much happenin’ today…as a result, I’mma leave ya with a survey

*Name two bad habits you have: eating too late, and being “exeedingly black”

*Name three scents you love: garlic, fried chicken, coastal or/mountainous air

*Name four animals you like: dogs, chimps, tigers, and koalas are pretty cooh i suppose…

*Shows you love: Whose Line is it Anyway, Simpsons, In Living Color, and Martin (two wonderful classics….haha)

*Name two drinks you regularly drink: water and sprite/sierra mist

*Name four random facts about yourself: 1) I used to breakdance, 2) I won a “talk-a-thon” contest in middle school, 3) I like brocolli, and 4) I stole a candy bar from a Thrifty store when i was 6…hahaha!

*Two random facts about your family: 1) I just learned that there are WHITE folks on my dad’s side of the family!…I’m part WHITE *gasp* , and 2) I have two older brothers who are twins…

The last person…

1.You touched? Mike Baltazar…our handshake yo!

2. You talked to? Mike…he’s in the living room right now…

3. That you hugged: Sarah Wright

4. You talked to on the phone? A kid who’s interesting in joining the marching band at fresno state…

5. You kissed? my mother goodbye

6. You yelled at? yikes….it’s been a LONG time…i hardly yell at anyone!

7. You laughed with? Jeff

Just Some Random Questions

21. Is your hair coloured? it’s black….

22. Do you have a tattoo? nope

23. Piercings? no mon’!

24. Own a webcam? no mon’!

25. Have aol? I have AIM (markutz17)

26. What should you be doing right now? nothing actually….i suppose I could practice my sax again…

27. What are you listening to? Soundtrack from The Last Samurai

28. Can you do anything freakish with your body? Nope…

29. Chicken or fish? Why ask a question for which the answer is already known? CHICKEN ALL THE WAY!!! (although i’m also filipino…fish is quite good! )

30. Do you have a favorite animal? Dogs are cooh…

31. Is ice cream the best thing in the world? NO! Jesus is the best! He CREATED the world DAWG!!!

Some more random questions…
1. What would your dream date be? Just hanging out, snugglin’ & holdin’…good times

2. Single flower or a dozen? depends dawg…

3. Silver or gold? gold

4. Candle lit dinner in a restaurant or at home? A candlelight dinner at KFC!! joke lang!! …but seriously, at home….a meal that I would cook

5. Roses or wild flowers? i dunno…

6. Silly or serious romance? sillious…serilly….a mixture of the two…

7. Marvin Gaye or Barry White? Marvin Gaye

8. Do you consider yourself a romantic: i dunno

9. Who else would you like to see fill out this survey? i dunno

Are You…
*Shy? depends on the situation
*Quiet? when i’m upset
*Boring? i certainly hope not!!
*The Lovey Dovey type? i love to love y’all…
*What have you done today? cleaned some stuff up in the apartment…checked mail (email and snail), made some phone calls, talked to people online….

Have you ever…

Helped someone? i love to help…

Dissected something? frogs, a fetal pig, sheep brain, chicken wing, a fish….yayuh…i’ve dissected before

Cut your hair? haha…yeah…it was ALL tore up too…it was so great!!

When was the last time you…

Missed someone? right now…

Told someone you love them? earlier today…

Hugged someone?: friday at bible study

Met Someone New? friday at bible study…

What is in your CD player right now? a Paul Desmond CD

Who is your favorite Spice Girl? wut the heck? NONE OF THEM

Favorite Disney Characters? Nemo’s pretty tight yo…haha…he’s all orange…and has a messed up fin and stuff…hehe

Favorite fast food? wow…difficult question…McDonald’s has the best fries…Carl’s Jr. has the best burgers…In-n-Out has 7up…so if they combined those things, then DAYEM!

Favorite book? the bible….book out of the bible? i dunno…so many!

Favorite Sports teams? Atlanta Braves….anything Fresno State (GO DOGS! WUT WUUUUUUUUUUUUT?!?!)

Favorite song? i’m a music major! that’s too difficult!

What room is your computer in? the computer room…duh!

What is your shoe size? 10.5 or 11

What will you be when you grow up? a band director!!

  1. MerchGirl says:

    hahahah i dont know whats better, add dollars or add hollars!   I ❤ you marcus!! you make me laugh!! Chicken waffles?!?!

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