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I’m bored….so here’s another survey….props to Sarah’s xanga for hookin’ this up yo…

Name:: Marcus
Nickname(s):: Marc, Markutz, Kutz, M. Zizzle…
Birthday:: Oct. 3
Birthplace:: Hanford, California
Current mood:: bored…
Current taste:: the hamburger helper i juss ate…
Current hair:: departing my scalp as we speak…dang this hereditary herr loss!
Current clothes:: navy blue fresno state shorts, and a white t-shirt
Current smell:: the oh so fresh air of clovis!!
Current thing you ought to be doing:: watching Spiderman 2 with my friends….but i can’t….CUZ I’M WAITING FOR THE MECHANIC!!
Current desktop picture:: It’s a desktop that changes pictures every 5 seconds….pictures of my friends, the fresno state band, and the bullard band…
Current favorite band:: switchfoot….
Current book: bible
Current CD in stereo:: paul desmond
Current crush::
Current favorite celeb:: sucka i dunno!!
Smoke:: naw mang….i like mah lungs…
Do drugs:: if chicken’s a drug, then DAYEM i’m screwed!!
Have a dream that keeps coming back:: nope…
Read the newspaper:: nope
Have any gay or lesbian friends:: yeah
Believe in miracles:: sho’nuff do
Believe it’s possible to remain faithful forever:: yayuh
Consider yourself tolerant of others:: extra tolerant…
Consider love a mistake:: real love makes no mistakes…
Like the taste of alcohol:: never tasted it…
Have a favorite candy:: ANYTHING with chocolate and toffee in it….oh man…good stuff

Believe in astrology:: nope
Believe in God:: WORD
Have any pets:: in lemoore, i’ve got 2 dogs….Betsy (Lab/Golden Retriever mix) and Roger (Doxen/Chihuahua mix)
Go to or plan to go to college:: Fresno State SUCKA!!
Have any piercings:: nope nuppers…
Have any tattoos:: nuppers nope…
Hate yourself:: i get angry with myself occasionally….but i don’t hate mahself…
Have an obsession:: don’t think so….
Have a secret crush:: maybe
Do they know yet:: maybe
Have a best friend:: i sure do…
Wish on stars:: HA!!! when i was small
Care about looks:: how one looks, no….how one presents themself, that’s totally different..
Love life:: nope…
First crush:: hrm….my very first REAL crush was on Mary Grace Marquez….
First kiss:: hasn’t happened yet…
Single or Taken:: single
Ever been in love:: w/Jesus
Do you believe in love at first sight:: i dunno….i like to think of love as something that develops a lil’ bit…

hair:: black
eyes:: brown
height:: 5’ 11”

……last thing you…..
bought:: Barbershop 2
ate:: hamburger helper (lasagna flavor )
drank:: a sierra mist
read:: a xanga…

…..have you ever….
Dated one of your best friends:: nopes
Loved somebody so much it made you cry:: yeah….
Broken the law:: yeah….i stole a candy bar when i was small….
Run away from home:: nope…
Broken a bone:: naw

Played truth or dare:: yayuh
Kissed someone you didn`t know:: nopes
Been in a fight:: yeah….when i was in pre-school…this kid kept tapping my shoulder….after asking nicely like 3 times, i turned around and i bit the sucka right in the cheek! ARG!!
Come close to dying:: a few days ago, while playing broomball, i slipped and fell right on the back of my head….it hurt….yup yup…
The most embarrassing CD in your collection:: i ain’t sayin….
What is your bedroom like:: it’s clean…
Your favorite thing for breakfast:: the breakfast hash i make with hash browns, sausage, and eggs all mixed together, and biscuits and gravy…

……last person you…..
Talked to:: Cesar
IMed:: Chris Concepcion
Hugged:: umm….Sarah at the Rock
Kissed:: my mother
Had a serious conversation with:: Robert Beehler
Yelled at:: hrm…prolly the bullard kids for disappointing meeh
Befriended:: Andre, Rafael, Paul and Robbie from bible study on friday

…..random questions……
What’s on your bedside table:: framed pictures of my friends, books….
What do you eat when you raid the fridge late at night:: water or juice…
What is your secret guaranteed weeping movie:: The only movie i’ve ever cried for….A Walk to Remember….HEY…it was SAD
If you could have plastic surgery, what would you have done?:: wouldn’t want plastic surgery
What feature are you most insecure about:: i dunno
Do you ever have to beg:: no
Are you a pyromaniac:: i’m such a a pyromaniac….i used to be REALLY white…
Do you know anyone famous:: naw….
Describe your bed:: it’s there….hahaha
Spontaneous or plain:: plaintaneous…

Do you know how to play poker:: sho’nuff…it’s been a LOOOOOONG time though…
What do you carry with you at all times:: my phone…
How do you drive:: by sitting in the driver’s seat….how do YOU drive?
What do you miss most about being little:: no responsibilities!
How much money would it take to get you to give up the internet for a year:: oh man…that’s hard!! It’d have to be a GRIP….

What color is your bedroom:: white….doors are brown…
What was the last song you were listening to:: “Say Say Say” by Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney
Do you talk a lot:: Moderately….
Do you like yourself and believe in yourself:: i like myself….and i don’t usually believe in myself too much
Do you think you`re cute:: ooh i’m SOO fly….WHAT KIND OF QUESTION IS THIS?!
Do poor, homeless, or starving people sometimes annoy you:: no
Do people in general annoy you:: it certainly depends…
Pick a word that describes you best:: “Zealous”

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    nice site. !

  2. Anonymous says:

    yay… i feel special

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