Posted: July 1, 2004 in Uncategorized

Hey hey folks….g’mornin’ to ya!

It’s been a couple days since I’ve REALLY posted what’s been goin’ on in my lil’ ol’ life…I know those surveys don’t cut it….haha! They are interesting though

As of late, I’ve been stranded here at the apartment….by myself really. Jeff works from like 6 in the mo’nin until about 5 or so….Dan’s in Bakersfield visitin’ family….Mike is usually out, usually with Trish, then has filipino dance rehearsal at night (Cesar and Eric are in it too, so they’re gone). I’ll admit, I’ve been pretty lonely these past couple of days Er’body’s all busy during the free time that I have for now, cuz once July 8 comes along, my vacation’s over….i’ll be gone teachin’ them drum major camps! It’s all good though…I love doing those….it’s tiring, but I do get to travel, and I get the chance to really make a difference.

My car has been down since saturday…the alternator blew. My dad was kind enough to buy a new alternator, and alls I had to do was pay for the service to get it done…I’m through with goin’ to the dealer yo….it’s TOO expensive! So a family friend fixed it for me. The car’s still sittin’ in the parking lot here at the apartment, cuz the battery needs to be charged….

I’ve been kinda mediocre with my walk with Jesus…I haven’t been seeking Him nearly as much as I should be It can be reflected in my attitude as of late…I love Him a whole lot! I’m incredibly thankful for His blessings of love and truth…but because I’m human, I tend to brush Him to the side…and that’s what’s been goin’ on! Can’t do that yo! Gotta be a REAL Souljah for Christ: ³ You therefore must endure hardship as a good soldier of Jesus Christ (2 Timothy 2:3). Jesus is the real deal folks….Satan misleads people…follow the path of the one who gave up His life to grant us life! I’ve gotta constantly keep that in my heart…

Plans for today consists of:
-Working the fireworks booth for Fresno State Bulldog Marching Band (corner of Ashlan and Clovis)…come support us!
-Head to Modesto to watch a drum corps show….Blue Devils (A & B Corps), Santa Clara Vanguard (A Corps, VG Cadets), Fever Drum Corps, Seattle Cascades, Mandarins….good stuff
-TRAN’S COMIN’ UP HERE TODAY!!! YAYUH!!! I miss mah DAWG…i’m glad he’s comin’ for a few days…

Peace out er’body…have an awesome day!

….drink red kool-aid….


  1. Anonymous says:

    ME AND STEVE TO THE DCI SHOW TOO! Maybe i’ll see ya there. Vanguard is gonna win tonight. Later yo, take care.

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