Posted: July 2, 2004 in Uncategorized

Word homies….

So yesterday was pretty cooh. Worked the Fresno State Bulldog Marching Band fireworks booth yesterday from 11-3 (southeast corner of clovis and ashlan!). I had to walk there from my apartment….car battery needs to be charged But actually, it was kinda cooh WALKING somewhere…I’ve become too dependent upon the fact that I’ve a car! Walking there reminded me of my younger days….having to walk ‘n stuff to the store or something. Plus it gave me some time to just think stuff out…

After that, Mike picked me up and we stopped by the mall….the boys were there, and Tran and Jennie arrived yesterday! So they were all hangin’ out there…we chilled w/them for a bit….then I got a call from Dan…his car wouldn’t start, so he asked Mike and I if we could help…man…CAR TROUBLES EVERYWHERE! ….oh wells though. Came back to the apartment after we helped Dan out, then the three of us headed out, picked up Frank from the other fresno state bulldog marching band fireworks booth (mckinley and brawley) and headed to Modesto to catch the drum corps show.

The show was pretty friggin’ awesome yo! My biggest surprises were Fever and Santa Clara Vanguard….man….Fever had some POWER…I’ve a lot of friends who teach at Fever…kudos to them and their corps on winning their category….and Vanguard? WOW Blue Devils won….I thought their show was awesome, but I thought Vanguard should have won. Oh wells though…it was cool to watch. Saw a lot of people I knew…old drum major students, some old/current/new bullard students, plenty of fresno state folks…it was cooh.

So wut’s crackalackin’ for today?

♦ Fireworks booth 11-3

♦ Try and get my car taken care of

♦ College Group Bible Study at The Rock 8:00pm [Evangelical Free Church, corner of Ashlan and Bond]

Ahight folks….i’m out…take kerr, and have an awesome day!

….drink red kool-aid….



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