Posted: July 4, 2004 in Uncategorized


What it is right now y’all? I’m doin’ ahight…I’m back in Lemoore for part of the weekend «yayuh!» It’s good to be home….I actually do miss it er’y once in a while

I spent a big chunk of the day in Oakhurst with Mikey and his family….they’ve been tryin’ to get me to go up there so many times, but my schedule would never work out. But hey, this time, I was able to go! Uncle Al (Mike’s Uncle) owns 9 acres of land there….a HUGE house! Part of the property he owns includes a creek….and oh man….so beautiful!! God’s tight mang….His creation constantly leaves me in awe.

We had lunch there…Uncle Al cooked up some pretty mean burgers yo….i was well pleased! Lots of chillin’ and hangin’….I actually got to go in the creek…it was pretty cold, but it was so warm outside, it really didn’t matter yo….haha! It was nice to get away from the city, and juss experience some life in the mountains. It gave me some time to just clear my head, and juss RELAX!

Came back to Fresno at about 7:10ish…got my laundry, and some clean clothes for the weekend…headed over to JR’s new house….HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY DAWG!!. Some friends and family were there….grubbed it up some (mmmm…lumpia…), and he showed us around his new place. It’s pretty dang big yo…haha! Couldn’t stay there long, cuz I had to bounce back o’re herre to Lemoore….

and so….here I is be….

Plans for the 4th? I dunno….goin’ to church in the mo’nin’ f’sho, and then…..uhh….yeah….no clue…hahaha! So, I guess I’ll juss peep y’all later….take care, and have an awesome day tomorrow!

….drink red kool-aid….



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