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Happy 4th of July (Observed Holiday)! Yesterday was pretty cooh. Woke up and went to church…which was awesome as always!…taken from Luke chapter 4…talked about Jesus’ dedication to being at the synagogue and eventually teaching there! Also talked about how Jesus was the fullfilment of the scripture….man that’s TIGHT. Jesus is f’sho…

Afterwards, I came home, and learned how to cook menudo (filipino style)….My mom can COOK y’all…i’m lettin’ ya know! Tran, Jennie, Eric, Cesar, Warren, Marc, and Edj…we ate and chilled….it was cooh hangin’ w/the boys + Jennie. They left about 7….i juss hung out and watched TV with my mom….watched the Nashville Symphony…good stuff! Had to leave for Clovis at about 8:30, cuz i had to be up early this morning….hung out for a lil’ bit (w/Dan, JR and Melissa)…came home and slept..

Woke up at 6:30am….did some cleanin’, had some meetings….PICKED UP BULLARD’S SHOW TODAY Oh man….it’s friggin sick as heck… DARK. Just the way y’all like it…. Percussion parts aren’t done yet thoe…..this is excitin’ stuff…..Bullard folk bess be ret to work!

Welp, i’m outtie….have an awesome day today folks…..take care!


  1. Anonymous says:

    i am so psyched about the show marcus… i am glad it is dark this year, last year was cool, but you just can’t beat the dark shows

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. I am so excited for the marching band they are going to do so good! Talk to you soon!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hiiiiiiii Marcus!!!!

    (it’s rachel) XD

  5. Chuckchuckb1 says:

    i just heared the whole soundtrack, were gonn kick butt next year, i hope, russ will do well but i hope my low brass section won’t suffer too much

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