Posted: July 27, 2004 in Uncategorized

Hey hey er’body!!

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve updated anything up in here….it’s been super hectic! I’ve been busy with these drum major camps (which are going pretty well, by the way), working things out with the bullard band, and preparing for school. Oh boy….SCHOOL!!!

So I have my car back now…..and if ya didn’t know, it broke down AGAIN after I got it “fixed” the first time….oh man….SUCKED! But it’s better now….it’s so great to have a car again! I really hated asking friends for rides and stuff, not because it was inconvenient for me to not have a car, but because I always felt I’d be bothering my friends..Which reminds meeh…I’ve some shout-outs to make

Cesar: thanks for takin’ me to my “USA pick-up area”!..and for taking those people home when my car broke down the first time…

Mike: thanks for letting me borrow your car a couple times, and for giving me rides if i needed them…also for the AAA towing service

Dan: thanks for giving me rides, and for picking me up from the train station!

Mike/Jeff/Dan: for being the best roommates, and for ALWAYS making my return home from a camp so awesome! Walking through that door and seeing your smiling faces really does warm my heart….awwwwww!

Oh man…I have great friends….BUT….I’m such a LOUSY friend! I let my summer camp schedule get the best of me…and totally forgot about Tran’s birthday on the 19th, and Marc’s on the 22nd. I sent them an email apologizing for being so stupid…..I’m so sorry guys

Right now, I’m at home in Lemoore, and will be headed back to fresno tomorrow. I’ve got a whole lot of errands to run before I leave on Friday…I’m teaching in San Diego from July 31st until the 3rd of august…then straight to teach at UCLA until the 8th….bullard’s band camp starts the 7th (freshman stuff), and resumes on the 9th for a week…then fresno state’s band camp the following week…then school starts…yes folks…my summer vacation is GONE!! But oh well….it’s all good…

Welp, I must be goin’….I dunno when i’ll holla next…I hope y’all have a great week, and that all’s well with you!! Take care!

…drink red kool-aid…



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