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It’s been a VERY long time since I’ve posted anything in here!! Sorry folks….i know that it must’ve been SO incredibly difficult to get through your very own day without knowing what’s doin’ down w/mine! …Anyway….here’s what’s been goin on…

School has started, and as expected, it’s been HECKA busy….oh man. I’m only taking 16 units, but man, the ensembles and the practicing really do rough it up a bit! I finally made wind ensemble this semester, which is awesome. I’m also playing lead tenor sax in jazz B…both have been really pushing me to do better, because i’m in completely different positions altogether….lots of pressure in both groups!

Marching band is going well so far. We’ve a lot of new pre-game traditions…..pretty neat stuff. But MUCH more pressure for the head drum major….which is me…….I’ve gotta chuck that military-mace pretty high up in the air in front of thousands of people. I know that that’s gonna be the most nerve-wracking experience I’ll ever have. I really hope I’m doin a good job as this band’s head DM….I wanna make sure that I’m on top of it….and that I’m giving my all for them. A HUGE band this year….about 230 members….lots of new folks…..LOTS…

Bullard’s been goin’ ahight. New director….again. It’s going as well as it can be for the situation given. I love them kids….when they don’t drive me nuts….

Last week was Chris’ 21st birfday, and Edj’s 22nd…..Jeff’s 21’st is tomorrow…happy birfday y’all!!

Jesus has been so good! He always has….but this past week especially. He’s really helped me get out of some slumps…man that’s so awesome!

Ahight, i’m out yo….gots rehearsal soon! Y’all take care, and i’ll see ya around.

….drink red kool-aid….


  1. basschick22 says:

    Youre the best head DM since I have been here. (5th year btw). You rock. You have so much inspiration and leadership skills.

  2. slappee says:

    you’re doin great as the head DM this year marcus (and the past two years too!) no worries there! oh yeah… congrats on makin WE, i don’t think i got around to sayin that… i’m slackin! anyhoo, yeah… and you’ll do fine with the chuckin the military in the air thing too! you rock home skillet!

  3. slappee says:

    past two years as asst. DM lol… had to correct myself!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Marcus, we need more vanguard visuals in the show, FO sho.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hey marcussss….. its brad again. 😦 Is there a reason that miss lilly is splitting the two different busses in individual sections? I dont think its right because now I cant sit with my friends who I planned to sit with, and HAVE sat with for the last 3 years…  its really a drag, man…  Think that rule could be changed? Its really not nessary anyway… 😦

  6. Anonymous says:

    yeah brad is right..the bus thing isnt gonna work…at the band meeting they said we cud choose our seats…sorry to but u aobut school stuff.
    just wanted to say whats up?

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