Posted: September 19, 2004 in Uncategorized

oh man… body is really weak…my eyes hurt…..i’m really sore….and i’m exhausted….felt fine earlier, but i feel much worse now….

I don’t think i’ll be going to school tomorrow…..and prolly not bullard….i’m so sorry kids….please understand…please promise to work hard regardless of what’s to happen tomorrow morning….we’ve a football game on friday…we’re playing the opener…

thanks for the props y’all….they bring a much-needed smile…i need to get to bed….good night

….wishing i could drink red kool-aid….


  1. Anonymous says:

    Take it easy Marcus. Have some FRIED chicken noodle soup….. and kool-aid, of course. 😉 Prayers, man.

  2. nrmaste says:

    hey marcus, not sure if you know who i am but im mandi from FSU in the bone section…yes, the one thats only been playing for 4 weeks now. lol. sorry youre not feeling well, i think pretty much everyone i know, including me, is in the same shape. damn fresno and its bad air. saw your comments about clovis high, im the pit instructor over there, i figured you were at the game too. btw, loved the cowboy hats. haha.
    anyway, just thought i’d say yo. hope you feel better soon.

  3. SuziQ0434 says:

    get better soon marcus.  Being sick  is never fun.  Oh and for the record…i think you are doing an amazing job as senior drum major!!!! 🙂
    Cynthia(in the pit)

  4. VHegAexpt says:

    I hope you feel better. Cuz you rock and your smile brightens my day even when you aren’t feeling well, but It’s always better when you feel good. So I hope you feel better soon. : ) Love, Colleen (picc)

  5. ScoobyDoo247 says:

    yo man get betta yo…so we can have the brotha runnin things at practice once again lol jk..but fo real tho man get better…ill try n get ya some red kool aid tho

  6. SuziQ0434 says:

    i will most definetly come say hi…but im the blonde one in the pit that stands next to amber on the vibes…no worries, there is a lot of people dont expect you to remember me. hope your feeling better, we missed you yesterday

  7. feverdawg says:

    well welllllll,said with ebonics… Well I see you are feeling a little better. good thing no marching band today. see ya mondy. dawgMatt

  8. Mystik1208 says:

    hey, what up? I didn’t know you had one of these things! (this is Marisa by the way)Sorry to hear you’re still not feeling good – and I hope you get better!!!Anywhoo, take care!

  9. slappee says:

    yesterday i just randomly thought of that “black atlanta” book and the pic of the peeps eating fried chicken… i laughed for a good ten minutes and everyone thought i was crazy. random… but yeah… heheh… glad you’re feelin a little better

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