Posted: September 19, 2004 in Uncategorized

Yo yo jive turkies…..what it is right now?

(hey everyone……how is it going?)

Oh man….i’m so beat right now. This weekend has certainly kept me busy.

Friday: Came straight from fresno state marching band rehearsal to bullard to run the pep band. Loads of fun! But man…i was hatin’ life because of my throat. I woke up with a sore throat, then had to yell a whole lot at the game cuz our speaker system is out. Sho’nuff was a bummer, but man….it was great to see the band having fun. Had them layin’ it down and workin’ it out. Bullard won (yayuh!)… Kudos to the Clovis High Band for their performance….looks good!

I think i’ll be at all the football games this year….my goal is to get more of the crowd bouncin’ and rootin’ for the team….went home after the game, feeling absolutely HORRIBLE….Dan, one of my roomies made meeh some tea….thanks yo…that was extremely nice of you!

Saturday: Woke up, feeling extremely weak….with almost no voice….headache…..dayem…….BUT….still went to rehearsal. Funny story to go along with that actually: Jeff came home from his bulldog beat gig late on friday night after I had already came home and went to bed. Dan told him I was feelin’ pretty crappy….so what does he do? HE UNPLUGS MY ALARM CLOCK!! Why? So i wouldn’t wake up in time to go to rehearsal….he was juss gonna tell Gary that I was hecka sick….and couldn’t make it. Jeff has an interesting way of uh…..helping me get better….haha! Thanks dawg…

Rehearsal was done at 12….ate lunch w/the band real quick….and came back home and slept for 3 hours….felt great! Mom stopped by to bring some steaks (thanks MOM!! ). Went to the music bldg. for report time….marched over to the stadium, and had my first game as the senior drum major…..oh man….i was pretty nervous…having to do that toss in front of 42,000 (supposedly) people….oh man. Anyway….band did great for the game….kudos to our ‘dogs for takin’ it to the house over portland!

Today: Overslept, so i missed church …but no worries….i’m goin’ to a 6:00 service… Still kinda sick….throat is doin’ better….body is totally weak. Did laundry….Dan and I kinda around the apartment….we’re both goin’ to church, and will prolly bounce to grab some dinner. Jeff’s in Kingsburg having dinner with his family, and Mike went golfing…that’s been the day so far…

Welp, i’m outtie….i’ll catch y’all later….take care!

….drink red kool-aid….


  1. Anonymous says:

    Marcus!  Its Lauren from bullard’s guard.  I just wanted to say feel better!!  I was sick this week too, and i know how much its not fun.  See you tomorrow!

  2. catblues says:

    Hey Marcus! It’s Alex… the short one. Thanks for making the football game a lot more fun than I thought it would be. Yeah, that totally beat sitting at home in front of the TV wasting my brain away. Hope you get well soon, VERY SOON and if not… I hope you get an immune system as tough as Superman’s only you don’t die from kryptonite because wow, that would really stink.

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