Posted: October 29, 2004 in Uncategorized

Yo yo….

It’s been a while since I’ve really just jotted my day….so here’s what happened yesterday

School was ahight….two classes were cancelled because of a choir festival going on in the music building….so that was perdy cooh! Allowed for me to run some errands, practice, and have some time to juss breathe. Had lunch with my sax quartet yesterday, which was pretty hilarious….we’ll have to do that more often….they’re a fun group.

After lunch, I went and bought 5 pumpkins (dang mang….pumpkin prices are crazy!!! $7.00 per pumpkin? ….oh well…suppose they could be worse….it just stinks cuz i’m in college….hahaha!). Took the pumpkins back to the apartment (whew…carryin’ them suckas up the stairs? oh mah dayem…..hahaha)….Then I got ready for my night classes….string ped & marching band tech…..THEN the fun began

Jeff and I went and rented Halloween 1 & 2…He and Eve had picked up some carving kits from target, but we needed another candle, so we stopped by target to get more. Came back, and had some pizza Dan had ordered. Then, Jeff, Eve, Dan, Mike, and I got our “pumpkin-carving adventure” on….It was hilarious! Eve, Dan, Mike and I were using these pictures and stuff from the packet….Jeff was carving freehand, attempting to carve the pumpkin at the beginning of the Halloween movie…..not bad mang!! Didn’t turn out exactly the same, but hey….he’ll get it down after a few more tries …it was actually pretty good!

Man….one thing I realized whilst we carved them pumpkins, is how much I really enjoy the company of those 4 other people. It was truly a bonding experience….cutting pumpkins and pulling out their GUTS….MUAHAHAHAHAA!! (joke lang!!). But seriously….I really love those people a whole lot….so incredibly much yo!

I better head out now…..but really quick, i thought I’d holla at the boys right quick: Cesar, Eric, Tran, Marc, Warren, Charles, Edj, Chris….I hope er’thang’s goin’ well for y’all between school and work! We gotta chill sometime!

Ahight y’all i’m out…..i’ll see ya around….Drop a holla! I love hearin’ from y’all!

….drink red kool-aid…


  1. Gerk says:

    Ladies and gentlemen…Marcus’ magic disappearing post. o_O
    But, $7 a pumpkin?  Goddamn.  You should have come to…Save Mart!  ^_^  Only $2.50 for full sized guys there. (=

  2. benabaxter says:

    I disagree.  Shop Smart.  Shop S-Mart.

  3. Gerk says:

    Yeah, they’re cool too.  Mainly since they’re owned by the same company.  (But kudos for the ED reference.)

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