Posted: November 1, 2004 in Uncategorized

Well well….here’s my day:

Woke up like at 10:40-ish (missed church….obviously….)….took a shower, and started cleaning the apartment….dishes…kitchen….vacuum…dusted….all of that. Did the bathroom early last week.

Jeff and I bounced over to Nick Chitwood’s Senior Recital, which was awesome! Congrats to him for doing that. The reception was tight too….Panda Express all over the place yo (you bess believe I was all up on the Fried Rice and Orange Chicken ) One thing that was awesome to see though, was seeing all the brothers of his service fraternity (Kappa Kappa Psi) sing their hymn. Arms around each other….singing….and man, i found it quite inspiring….you can tell with the looks on their faces, and the heartful concentration that they really did love their fellowship. Very nice y’all!!

Went to Target afterwards to pick up a few items….then Office Depot…Auto Zone…oh yeah…SPEAKING of Auto Zone (er….the reason WHY we went to Auto Zone)…I was driving yesterday to get to the game (call time was 5), and smoke was coming out of the hood of my car. Pipe where the coolant flows was completely cracked, and it was leaking coolant. Jeff replaced it….we got new coolant…

Then came back to the apartment and finished cleaning….rearranged some stuff….man, that was actually kinda fun! Had some FUNNY moments….JR came over in his old school disco gear…..pretty hilarious! After cleanin’, ran to Robertitos….and my car….well….it’s worse than before….overheating engine….boiling coolant…..YES…..BOILING….not looking good….kind of a damper….cuz man, if you’ve read my xanga for a while, you know my car has been through quite a bit….and this is just one more thing to add to the mix….

so….i’m just glad i made it home safely….with my robertitos….and i just finished watching the rest of Halloween….’bout to watch Halloween 2 here pretty soon….i should go, but I wanna write something real quick….

I spent just about the entire day hanging out with mah homie Jeff…I mean, our schedules are pretty identical, and we’re roommates, but it’s time spent doing work or whatever. But man….I hope all of you out there have an awesome best friend like I have….I’ve been blessed with TWO of them….Jeff and Cesar (man Cesar…I hope we can hang out again sometime….I know it’s my fault, i’m so busy and I’m sorry dawg!!). But Jeff, if you’re reading this bro, you’re awesome….we’ve had a bit of the role reversal here….i’ve been grouchy, and you’ve been the upbeat one ….but anyway….i love ya much dawg, you’re an absolute blessing…thanks for a great day!

welp…i’m out folks….i’ll catch ya later…word…

….drink red kool-aid….



  1. nrmaste says:

    hey marcus! im so glad you’re surrounded by great people you love! you’re such an stellar guy and it sounds like you attract stellar people so good for you! nice to hear you had a chill halloween….people with no lives such as me stay in and write term papers….haha, or dont so much do the writing… anyway, i’ll see ya tomorrow! ……haha.

  2. slappee says:

    boiling coolant?! craziness!! it’s great that you have such good friends… i’m lucky to have the friends i have too! i love those days where you spend like all day with one of ’em and realize how lucky you are to have such a good friendship goin’ on. it’s always refreshing and makes ya feel good. see ya at band tomorrow (er, today)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey Marcus, sounds like your halloween was pretty fun, I hope it was. I like your guy’s second show, it’s pretty awesome. Speaking of which, can you hook me up with the 2003 cd? HEHE, i feel so lame asking you for that. But yeah, peace out man, see you in a few.

  4. well marcus i’m sorry for the car, but i’m sure you of such spiritual greatness, physical, and mental greatness can fix the car. Ok must stop kissing butt, but anyways marcus my amigo i think we should talk more…you are cool and awesome and i am moving to fresno in about next semester yay. well i must be off to drink some horchata and eat my burritos.
    your mexican friend,

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