Posted: November 5, 2004 in Uncategorized

I’ve had a great day….got my car back, finally got some bills taken care of, school was ahight…..OH MAN…..I conducted the Wind Ensemble today on a piece called “O Magnum Mysterium”…..oh man….that was pretty crazy…..i think i did ahight….I messed up a little bit….it requires a bunch of concentration since it’s so slow….but man, it was cool conducting them though! I appreciated all the nice things y’all folks said at rehearsal!!

String Ped: blah
Marching Band Tech: always pretty interesting….
Shanghai Restaurant: good times!!

Welp….i’m out…gotta have mah hot chocolate, and some Jesus time

…y’all take care….


  1. slappee says:

    you did a great job conducting in WE today… even doc said so! and he doesn’t just say stuff like that, man. i’m gonna go get me some red kool aid…

  2. hey 🙂 so i didnt get to see you conduct in WE – i’m sure you were awesome. but i have played O Magnum Mysterium- it’s a pretty song and i’m sure a challenge to conduct!!! take care ttfn -ms

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