Posted: November 9, 2004 in Uncategorized

What’s crackalackin’ y’all….

So my day was pretty straight-forward. Went to Bullard, came back for classes and practicing. Had lunch at Panda Express on campus with Jeff….watched the video from marching band during the marching band class… out a little before class was supposed to end. Had my sax lesson tonight, which was ahight….still have a lot to work on….came back, thinking I was gonna have some leftover orange chicken….but alas….it was gone …..*le sigh*….so i wound up going to mcdonald’s…..oh wells…food is food….

Anyways….i was gonna do laundry tonight, but i have so much, that it’d take me forever….and I’m feelin’ pretty tired. I’ll just do it tomorrow i suppose. OH WAIT! Lemme holla at MANDI, who’s celebrating her 18th birthday!! Happy Birthday yo!! Hope it was a great one (even though you had all those rehearsals today….sheesh!!). Anyway….i gotta fill out a scholarship application…..includes a couple essays…’s about my future plans, and one’s about someone that has heavily influenced meeh… i bess bounce!! Take care y’all…

….drink red kool-aid….


  1. nrmaste says:

    haha, thanks for the holla marcus! you’re the best yo!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    i haven’t seen you in forever. hope you are doing alright. perhaps i will crash practice tomorrow night and say hi to you and all the bullard peoples. ciao.

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