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Got this from one of my student’s xangas…..thanks Michelle

RULES: Write statements intended for 10 different people. NEVER TELL which one is for who.

01. I miss hanging out with ya dawg….I know i’m always busy, but i hope that we can hang out again soon….
02. Man….you’re seriously gonna make it big….you’re a talented writer, and you continually ligthen up all situations with your humor…
03. I hate you, you nappy-headed varmint!!
04. You’re one of the best things to have happened to me yo….thanks so much…I hope i’ve been serving you well as your brother in Christ….
05. “Don’t talk when I’m talkin'”…
06. Thank you for loving me, unconditionally….despite my vices and follies…
07. You’re my hero!!!
08. It’s been far too long…..we need to go to starbucks sometime soon…
09. You’re the best ading ever (you don’t have a xanga, but you read mine!)

01. Are you male or female: male
02. Describe how you feel about yourself: “zealous” maybe?
03. Your best piece of advice: seek God’s will for your life….
04. Describe your last relationship: never been in one…
05. Describe your last crush: too good for me
06. Say something to someone you have a crush on: 🙂
07. Say something to an ex: goodbye! you non-existent thing you!!
08. Say something to someone who hurt you severely: I hope you’re happy now….
09. How do you feel right now: tired….and sore….
10. Say something threatening to a potential mugger in a dark alley:  I have MSG in my pocket….sucka
11. What scares you the most?: disappointing people….
12. Briefly characterize your social, economic, or political views: fun, productive, and logical….
13. Where do you want to live:  oh i dunno…..
14. Something that makes you smile:  acts of kindness….
15. Something you’d like to quit doing or something you wish would end: busyness!!
16. Tell something you’ve never done: been skydiving!!
17. What’s your favorite thing to do?: love….laugh….
18. Something you want to do before you die:  i dunno….
19. Describe how you feel about your government: it ain’t perfect….but hey, it won’t ever be…
20. What do you think about death?: inevitable….and i know that when i do die, i’ll be chattin’ w/Jesus…and thanking Him for what he did…
21. Describe the room you’re in: very comfortable….

Y’all should put this on your xanga…..if ya do, lemme know! I love readin’ these things…

Ahight….gettin’ a little tired….gots Jesus time before I head to bed….take care, and i’ll holla at y’all later….word…*ghetto pose*….

….drink red kool-aid….


  1. nrmaste says:

    well, since you love ’em, i went ahead and did it! just for you!! =) even at 1:15 am! now thats love! hehe! -mandi =)

  2. Silly Marcus…you were supposed to answer 1-21 in SONG titles…tee he he. But I do like your way better:)

  3. im gonna add this to my xnaga so you have something to read…and also cuz itll be fun. love ya-Rachel

  4. hey its celia… just wanted to tell you i got accepted for my counseling thing you wrote the recommendation for. thanks again.

  5. Hey marcus I put that in my xanga if you want to read it!!! Much Love

  6. Anonymous says:

    I put it on mine! ^_^

  7. Anonymous says:

    How many nappy-headed varmits do you know? lol Read my xanga, its banana-licious haha!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Mmmm Hmmmm, why you gotta be makin yo xanga look like a waffle house!?As your fellow band director collegue, I suggest you re-think your visual presentation of the show concept, because from an excellence standpoint, this isnt working well for the ensemble on side 2 staging of the band proper.I dont even let my high school kids get away with that shiiiiaaat!See ya later

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