Posted: November 18, 2004 in Uncategorized

  1. nrmaste says:

    awww…why the sad face marcus?? i just spent an hour and a half at the bank and i still have a smiley one! =)

  2. jazstmpr67 says:

    Sad cuz you’re sad… happy, God Loves you so very much and so do I!!! lots of hugs to my favorite drum major and friend!!!!

  3. basschick22 says:

    oh marcus youre too wonderful to be down…..

  4. catblues says:

    No Marcus! Don’t look down! Look up! Otherwise you’ll be like one of us professional ground lookers who’d probably walk right into a giant banana running around on the field without its pants on.
    Cliche cheer-up phrase: Things are much brighter on the other side.
    But if it’s too bright get some sunglasses! Okay, it could be greener, but you don’t want to hear my sheep story about that.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Marcus, cheer up. Quotes from Santa Barbara:
    “Don’t give me that…I know you’re just hiding your shit with your crying” -Michelle Denni (on a little girl crying several times during the 1st hour of camp)
    “I’m sweating like a ho in church” -Elvy on Cheer staff
    There were, of course, so many others. I can’t remember them…I copied those above from Thomas’ Xanga.

  6. slappee says:

    don’t be sad… it makes me sad you rock man! luv ya much!!

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