Posted: November 20, 2004 in Uncategorized

Well….what a quiet evening at the apartment….

Mike, Dan, and Jeff are all at the Savemart Center playing with the Bulldog Beat for both Basketball games….loading was right after rehearsal, so I’ve been herre since after band practice (my last field rehearsal as a Fresno State Band Member….oh you bet i had some flashbacks!! ).

So what have I been doin’ for 5 hours? Well…i decided to clean the apartment…it was needed….I had the time, so it’s now clean …I hope the ‘mates like it *crosses fingers*…got done cleanin’ about 20 mins ago, and had dinner….RICE AND LUMPIA!!!….can’t go wrong with that combination

So tomorrow is WBA Finals for Bullard….and emotions are running high…students are very worried about getting passed prelims. I honestly don’t know what’s going to happen. I haven’t seen many other groups this year, so it’s hard to make that call. What I DO know is….this season has taught me a whole lot about being a teacher. Lots of challenges….and i’m sure my students have learned a lil’ sumpin-sumpin too. Have a great time tomorrow y’all….It really saddens me that I can’t be with you…but i’ll definitely be thinking of ya….i love y’all

Welp….lots of stuff tomorrow….i hope all’s well w/y’all folks…take kerr…peace outtie…

….drink red kool-aid….


p.s.-thanks for all the nice comments y’all left….been kinda hard these past couple days….but it’s always wonderful knowing i have great friends

  1. nrmaste says:

    oh man! those kids are CRAZY!!! that little guy with the slapstick was sooo funny, as was the one who can totally barely reach the xylo! hehee. ooh! and they have the same marimba as me! yay for japanese brands like Korogi that rock!
    see you tomorrow! Mandi =)

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