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So….marching season is pretty much over….

It’s a bittersweet situation, because this marching season has been very interesting for me…

With Fresno State, being the Senior Drum Major was a very intimidating situation. Being in a leadership role….ANY leadership role with ANYTHING I do…I can’t help but wonder if I’m doing the job right, and I will be liked….because when it comes down to it, I observe the leadership role as a role of SERVICE to those you lead. Though the season is not COMPLETELY over yet, I hope that i’ve served the band well this year. It has been an incredible experience these past four years…i will miss being the in the band….i’ll miss the home game experience that comes along with being in the band (Bulldog Bounce BABY!!), feeling like a rock star (exhibition performances….oh how i love those)….and the people….good times yo….good times…

With Bullard…’tis been a season of difficulty. WBA Championships were last night. We made finals…which many people were extremely skeptical about it….even myself…i didn’t know what would happen. After all was said and done, 14th place….out of 15. Yes, this year was not great….yes, it took a late rude awakening to get these kids to get the picture…yes, new director and changes in staff….but you know what, it’s still Bullard High School….this is the first time in a long time that we’ve placed this low…..but what truly mattered was how happy they were at the end of each performance….i’m glad they liked it…Drumline and pit, i’m sorry about what happened….y’all worked harder than ever before….and it showed….i wish you could have received greater recognition….please know that I, and the band, appreciate your work so very much!

Seniors….i hope you liked the cards…i meant every single word i wrote….every single word….because you each mean a lot to me…thanks for stickin’ with me….

So….now that marching season is over….what am i going to be getting ready for? Drum Corps…..haha! Wow….never thought I’d actually do it, but I am. I’m going to FEVER auditions next week….going for the drum major spot….i hope i get it! *crosses fingers*

Anyways…i’m out y’all…i hope all of you have a great week….take care, and peace easy!

….drink red kool-aid….


  1. MerchGirl says:

    Thanks marcus!!To bad the band coulnd’t play/march it like its hott with us…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Marcus i never get to thank you as much as i wish i could.  You have made such a big impact on all of us i cant even tell you.  Thank you for sticking with US, especially when the season felt like it was going no where.  I appreciate you, and i wish words could express how much you mean to me and the guard especially.
    And above all………….I learned how to be “diva-licious” because of you.
    I love ya!

  3. Hey, I stumbled upon your site and just wanted to say you seem really cool.  I was in band in high school and am auditioning for concert band in the Spring.  That’s awesome that you’re a Drum Major.  I tried out in high school, but only made it to Head Drill Captain.. but that was the place for me.  Anyways, I hope you have a wonderful week!  Happy Thanksgiving!Veronica

  4. Anonymous says:

    MARCUS!!! THANK U SOOO MUCH FOR THE CARD!!! U HAVE ALWAYS BEEN THE MOST FAIR AND KNOWLEDGEABLE BLACK MAN IN THE BULLARD MARCHING STAFF AND BIG PROPS FOR THAT. but seriously, u have always stuck with us through thick and thin and i respect u for that.
    so thank you
    the coolest white guy with an afro.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hey man, you were a great head drum major this year.  You had everyone’s respect from day one, and that was key.  One day you will make a great music educator, you have the gift my friend.  And if Fever doesn’t take you as their drum major THEY’RE CRAZY!!  You’ll always be head DM in my book man. Out.

  6. Anonymous says:

    what is FEVER?

  7. nrmaste says:

    hey marcus, just to let you know, you DID get the job done. you were (and are!) so increadibly awesome and i feel SO lucky to have had you on that podium. i have so much respect for you, not only as a leader, but just as a friend because you honestly show the kind of person you are in everything you do. and thats so noble. thanks for all the good laughs, and i’m lookin’ forward to some more yo. haha.

  8. basschick22 says:

    marcus you know you kick so much bootay! You will totally get the drum major spot in FEVER. I have never looked up to anyone in a band as much as I have to you and i think you are amazing, both on the field and in you personal actions. You are someone with TRUE character (I have seen how you act when no one is watching and it is truly wonderful). So yeah, you did a great job and I am honored to know you and stuff =)

  9. Anonymous says:

    Dude Marcus, to be totaly honest you are the COOLEST black man ever! Its thanks to you that we have a lot of great memories in band, you made light of all the bad situations, and believe me we needed it. Thanks so much for the card, ive read it about 8 times now lol 🙂 Im glad that you were there for us and that we were there for you. Im pretty sure im going to Fever now, so you better make the drum major spot!!! Ill be rootin for ya! Thanks for all the memories, and you better keep in touch even when the school years over! I dont wanna go and have to hunt you down!Thanks for making my senior year awesome :)-The nappy headed sucka

  10. hey mar-kass! so i’m gld to hear you still going for that Fever spot! you’d be so awesome to have as a drum major again! you do such an awesome job and as beehler said- you had respect from day one! you know when to be goofy and to be serious and that’s a spectacular skill to have! i remember when i first met you last year- im so thankful for you becuz when i came into this year it made me so much more comfortable being new to the place since i knew you and you turning out to be head drum major just made me in aw that i already knew you! take care see ya around fo sure!!! ttfn -megan

  11. slappee says:

    yeah man… you totally rock. what more can i say? i agree with beehlsie and lexizzle…. great leader, teacher, and person. you rock homeskillet!!! *hugs*

  12. Thanks for all you’ve done for us, Marcus. We really wouldn’t have gotten through the season without ya. 🙂
    And thanks SO MUCH for the card … YOU rock, as well! ^___^

  13. Thanx for the emphasis today in 0 period on how marching band isnt a waste of time. Its so awesome how you support us no matter what, and your always there…even when your not, cuz we always remeber you. Right before we went on, on saturday, everyone was saying play the marcus for ballad. Love ya much thanx for everything—-Rachel (the original one in band 🙂

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