Posted: November 26, 2004 in Uncategorized

Wow….what how good it’s been to be home!!…Let’s start with wednesday…

So on Wednesday morning, Bullard had their Thanksgiving Feast….lots of…ummm….interesting events….wanna know what them kids did to me

….go HERE and find out for yourself…

So…I came back to the apartment at about 8:30am…and wrote the xanga “I’m thankful for you” xanga entry….I spent the rest of the time doing nothing….i was by myself (Dan had left the night before…and Mike and Jeff were golfing with Adam and Chris)….you know, this is how you know you love people….when you miss them when they’re not around

Anyways….left fresno at about 2:30….came back and spent some time with my mom before she had to bounce. Did some MUCH needed laundry too! Later in the evening, MUCH later in the evening…went to Denny’s with Cesar, Warren, Charles, Chris, and Marc….man that was fun….I really miss hangin’ out with them…came home…and retired for the evening…

Thursday….THANKSGIVING!….woke up at like 12……HEY, I don’t get to sleep in anymore….so i had to capitalize on the opportunity provided….…At any rate, our oven broke, so we had to cook the turkey somewhere else. As far as plans go, my mom and I normally spend thanks giving with Chris Mateo’s family….which was the plan…and we did….we ALMOST didn’t because of a slight snaffoo with communication, but we all got it worked out (whew good thing….Chris, you’re awesome…thank you so much for preventing my mom and i from spending thanksgiving alone). So anyway, we went with the Mateo’s to Fresno, and spent Thanksgiving there with extended family. Food, Karaoke (oh you know i was all up on that….hahaha)….It was really fun. PLENTY to be thankful for (check the previous post ). Came home at like 10….juss chilled…

Today, I woke up at 10:30. Washed up, took care of my dogs (NOT in the filipino way…they’re very much alive!! i’m only half folks!!). At 12, headed over to Luke’s, and we grabbed some lunch. Man, have you ever just hung out with someone, and just thought to yourself “You’re so blessed?”….I certainly did….Luke’s awesome….i’m glad we got to hang out….i miss that guy.

So now, i’m here….and chattin’ with Brad….he’s a good kid. Pretty soon i’mma be bouncin’ up outta here, and head back to Fresno. Prolly gonna have dinner with a couple friends tonight….we haven’t chilled in a while. Leaving tomorrow for FEVER auditions in Modesto.

It’s been so nice to be home. I’ve griped about Lemoore so much, but man….it was so great to be away from the stress. So much has changed around here (what the heck…a Motel 6? More Houses? Wanna-be Riverpark across from Hanford Mall?)….yet so much has remained the same (yes…the cows remain). I’m truly thankful for the time I got to spend here! And oh! Thanks to everyone who called or text messaged me (especially you Jason Fritts…thank you so much)….Anyway, I’m outtie…..take care every one…

Peace Be With You….

….drink red kool-aid….


  1. Anonymous says:

    Darn right I’m a good kid!

  2. So glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Sleeping in = incredible.  Well, I’m off to drink some red kool-aid!  Veronica

  3. r u sure brad? :Pgood luck at the fever auditions, i had no idea they were so soon.

  4. Anonymous says:

    found you, whats up man? Fever is gonna kick some ass. Cant wait to get into the season, peace.

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