Posted: December 5, 2004 in Uncategorized

Good morning er’body….

So…i’m definitely a little bummed right now I woke up with a sore throat yesterday, and after such a busy day, i woke up a lil’ worse this morning. So here I is, not able to go to church ….all the roomies are though, so I hope that they’re blessed by it….

Anyway….so yesterday, Luke called me in the morning and wanted to know if I wanted to head to breakfast…so we bounced over to Jus-Jo’s……DANG…..HECKA good yo! Good times hanging out with Lukas…he’s so awesome! Came back to the apartment, and started cleaning it…washed dishes….wiped counters…swept and mopped floors….dusted…cleaned the bathroom…vacuumed….man….i really should’ve taken all that time to relax and get over the whole sore throat thang, but it just needed to be done. My friend Katrina called me just before I was done cleaning, and asked if I could help her move her piano in her house (rearranging to fit the Christmas tree in). So after I dropped the rent payment into the apartment office, I went and helped Katrina. Came back, and my mom came over. It was her birthday yesterday, so I got ready, and I took her to Red Lobster….good times

Sax studio recital was last night, and I had two performances: solo alto sax piece, and and a quartet piece on soprano. Alto piece….eh….i fluffed a couple things (although I hit that altissimo! *whew*)….i felt a lot better about the quartet piece though. It was a long concert, but man it was tight to see er’body perform! I was so proud to be a part of that studio! Ms. Kathi, you go girl….sure it didn’t go as well as you wanted it to, but dang girl…major props to you for doin’ your thang. Matt, you’re so talented at the clarinet dawg…you rocked. Jeff….you’re an inspiration to me….way to show that Creston piece wussup mang! EVERYONE did an awesome job at that recital (especially the freshmen folk!! y’all were tight!).

Came home from the recital, fried some LUMPIA….oh man…my mom’s lumpia is so awesome! Went to bed….and here i is….feelin’ crummy, but oh well. Today i’m just going to rest….not really do anything, because this sickness is probably telling me something! I need to slow down! I hope y’all have a wonderful day, and I’ll see y’all around….

ForEVER in a couple weeks!!

….drink red kool-aid….


  1. eeep, feel better soon Marcus! And good luck with Fever! 🙂


  2. jazstmpr67 says:

    You are so sweet, and I didn’t know it was your mom’s birthday until after we left, my mom told me. Please wish her a belated birthday for me!!! She’s so awesome, and I just loves her to death!!  Well, at least I can say that I tried, and it hasn’t helped that I am really a clarinet player trying to play the sax…hehe….and that I had laryngitis this whole week. Oh well, life goes on. Hope you feel better really soon, sending over a choir of angels to watch over you and help you get well!! xoxo

  3. catblues says:

    A lot of people are getting sick lately so I have the perfect remedy… well, course I’ll sell it you for a price. Someone has to start an organization to get Anthony to take a bath, I mean really. We were at his house last night and were going to bring him PIE but we couldn’t manage to get through the door. Nope nope. Nasty smell in there. Aw, not really, but I hoped that made you feel better… having good hygiene and all. =]

  4. your mom has the same bday as my Favorite aunt. he he…get better soon!!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Here’s a tip that’s free: gargle Hydrogen Peroxide diluted half and half with water. DON’T SWALLOW! It tastes funny afterwards, but my mom’s side of the family swears by it. Oh, and scratch that Cotton Bowl thang, because WE’RE PASADENA-BOUND!!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    oh its an Alex, its on! lol

  7. I woke up with a sore throat this morning and I am coughing which HURTS REALLY BAD!!! I really dont want to be getting sick GRRRRR!!! Anyway Thanks again for doing a reference for me!!! God Bless!!!
    ~ Marina and The Flying Tortilla ~

  8. ScoobyDoo247 says:

    dude yor mom does have the best lumpia ever i remember havin some at the band banquet back at lemoore. It was always AWESOME

  9. nrmaste says:

    Yay! Glad to hear the Sax THANG (haha) went good! i so wanted to go see ya’ll perform but i had a gig that night with the Fresno Phil….gaa…christmas music! okay, ill see you a little later!! Mandi =)

  10. LatinFratBoi says:

    Hey Mang was up?! I am sorry to hear that yur not feeling well right now. Ill pray for you bro……KC CREW tothe floor…..LOL…….see ya laterz mang………

  11. hey!! this years been great. dont get sick!!!try having some hot tea for your throat. i should make you some canalia….i spelt that way wrong, but its this stuff my grandma used to make me when i was younger whenver i got sick. its yummy! its just boiled cinnimon sticks…but YUMMY! and helps your throat….anyway im rambling again…i should go study! byebye! see ya wed!

  12. AmyShmamey says:

    Marcus…this is Amy….hey dude your solos were AMAZING tonight…I went to the Jazz Concert on a whim and am SO glad that I did..cuz you and everyone else were so amazing! I love how you can see your passion for your music right there on your face…just as plain as when you are conducting….you always know just the body movements and hand gestures to make to bring the best out of me and everyone…its hard not to play my absolute best and with passion and intensity when you are up there conducting your heart out! you rock my man! I hope that I will get to see that passion all summer…cuz I am slowly and surely being convinced that Fever is the place for me this summer!!! Crossin my fingers!! Thanks again for sharing your musical gifts with us…your blessed, and so are we…by you!

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