Posted: December 8, 2004 in Uncategorized

Hey ya……

Wow…that was a lil random of me huh?! Anyways, I’m feeling much better now. Thanks for all of the nice messages y’all left for me. I like hearin’ from y’all….it’s really cooh.

So these past couple of days, I’ve just been the whole busy thang as usual. Had a portfolio due today for Voice Ped….that took a long time. Yes…a long time. Had a jazz concert this evening, and it was cooh. We had a guest artist joining both our band and the ‘A’ Band…Trombonist Andy Martin…..oh….my…..DAYEM ….He was AMAZING. Dan had his first feature with the group tonight, and that went really well. I was really proud of him for doin’ his thang! Had a few solos tonight….and i felt pretty good about ’em. EVERYONE did a great job….wuddn’t perfect of course, but man that band is a lot of fun!

After the concert we had a lil’ shindig at our apartment for our families. Jeff had a his parents, both sets of grandparents, and his lil’ sister. Dan had his father, brother, sister-in-law, and nephew. Mike had his aunt and his uncle. Neither of my parents could make it….which kinda bummed me out…but I wasn’t without family at this gathering . We had a whole BUNCH of food up in her. I made some shrimp tempura, fried some lumpia my mom had made, jeff made homemade chexmix, his grandma’s chicken wings, deserts that’ll last forever….DANG we had a grip of stuff! Good times hanging out w/er’body….

Now i’m just about ready to bizzounce and hit the hay. I’m pretty dang tired. So yeah…i hope y’all have a good one. Take care! Jesus loves ya!!

….drink red kool-aid….


P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MS. KATHI! I HOPE YOU GOT MY MESSAGE!! Stay on the up ms. thang…..

  1. jazstmpr67 says:

    Sorry I missed your call, my phone was on silent, but THANK YOU. It means so much to me that you would remember me on such a busy night and call me. So sorry I missed the jazz band concert, too much to do and think about. Thanks for all your love, encouragement and prayers. You Rock my world Marcus!!!! Hugs, Kathi

  2. Anonymous says:

    I MISS YOU MARCUS!! If you were with me in Pleasanton I would love marching band again! I hope all is well at FSU…tell me when your Senior Recital is, ya hear? I hope to talk to you soon! -Lauren J. (from Bullard, alto sax girl…remember me? 🙂 )

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey Marcus…it’s Kim…just wanted to let you know that I had a really great time at the jazz concert…it was fun sitting with Amy in the very front row and cheering for all you guys.  You all did an awesome job and I really enjoyed your solos.  Good job! It was nice to see all my marching band friends in a totally different setting and seeing them all kick butt at their solos!!  It looks like you were having a really good time…and that’s what it’s all about, right?  I hope to march with you in Fever…yes I have been convinced into trying out, and if I don’t make it on the bassline…I totally want to play baritone.  I have never played it before, but I know a lot of clarinetists who have moved to baritone and they picked it up somewhat easily, so hopefully it will be the same for me!!!  Yayyyyy, I am really excited…I hope I make it on something!  Alright…have a good weekend and I will see you on Monday!! 

  4. nrmaste says:

    wasnt andy awesome!!? you guys were not too shabby yourselves =) major props to all ya’ll!

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