Posted: December 16, 2004 in Uncategorized


Today was so-so. Had a final, started working on a project (which i’m still working on by the way).

Someone made me very upset today…..sometimes I really wonder what exactly makes people think that words don’t hurt….needless to say, it dampered my day…


I’m glad for three things right now: 1) God….who loves me regardless of my mistakes, and gives me the chance to try again….2) My best friend….it means a lot to me to see him doing things for me that are out of his way….and 3) My other two roommates….they massaged my shoulders….it was just what i needed!!

….i’m so blessed….geez….i don’t deserve any of these people! or any of you!! God is good…

Welp, i gotta get back….take care, and I love y’all!!


  1. mochi0115 says:

    awesome you were able to see the brighter side of things :). good luck with finals…
    also wanted to ask for your email address. thanks.

  2. AmyShmamey says:

    Well look who else now has a highly attractive xanga…you and Mike are making me jelous! haha I’m lookin forward to the car ride with you guys on Sunday…and it saddens me to hear that you had a below par day…honestly I have to be reminded of the fact that you face the same things I do every day, cuz you always seem to have such a bright outlook and happy disposition….but I’m glad that through all that you can still find room to be thankful for things….always an example of what I’m strivin to be every day! See you sunday!! 🙂

  3. Marcus we havent seen you in soooo long at school!!!!! Its so much better when youre there!!!! My sis was telling me how stressed she is about state, and her finals!!!!! but its almost over! Hope you have a wonderful break and a very merry christmas, and whenever you come back to bullard i have something for you! love ya, Rachel

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