Posted: December 22, 2004 in Uncategorized

Hey y’all…

So, I’m back in Lemoore for a bit until Christmas night. Went to the Christmas Party at Chris Mateo’s house…real small gathering, but man it was awesome! So great to see everyone again…it really brought some wonderful memories back. Lots of food….er’body seemed to have been craving Fried Chicken…cuz uhhhh…that’s just about all that was there! Rice too!! How ironic!! But yeah…good times…i love all of those people…with all of my heart…

Came home at about 10pm, cuz I haddn’t seen my mom yet (she was at work when i got home). We talked for a while….i’m so glad I have such an awesome mom. Yeah, sometimes she’s too “mom-ish”…but uh…yeah…SHE’S MY MOM!! hehehe!! Love her lots…

You know…I just wanted to allude to that big ol’ post I wrote a couple weeks ago about problems/struggles and such. I’m kinda goin’ through some stuff of my own….and it’s been a constant battle for a long time. And….sometimes i’m kicking myself in the butt about stuff. But you know…I’ve gotta keep things into a holy perspective. Challenges are brought for a reason….and I’ve just gotta hold onto Jesus, and make him my priority over ANYTHING else. I’m humbled….to know that that I’m loved by Him no matter what. I see that love through a lot of things….but mostly through people….like my roommates (oh man…GREAT Christmas gathering yesterday!), my friends from home (GREAT Christmas gathering tonight), the souljahz, Jeff, and so many other amazingly awesome people.

Welp, it’s getting late. I’m golfin’ in the morning (yes….GOLFING….…), and I’mma be spending some time with mah madre too. Take care, and have a great one yo!

….drink red kool-aid….


P.S. Word to all mah ForEVER peeps! Good to see y’all on Sunday!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    marcusss….i love red kool-aid       peace                bruce levi

  2. GoDogs says:

    dude! thanks for u comment. ur comments always make my day. thanks for makin me feel loved all the time man. u r an awesome person! hope u have a merry christmas.
    drink golden cider….

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