Posted: December 26, 2004 in Uncategorized

Merry Christmas er’body!!

It’s kinda late right now, so i won’t really elaborate on what’s been goin’ on lately. It’s been perdy cooh as of late! I’ll write more later. But right now, i gotta get some sleep….we leavin’ for Boise tomorrow….bowl game….i’mma freeze…so yeah i’ll update when i get back. Take care, and I hope your Christmas was awesome…Happy Birfday Jesus!!! Thanks for bein’ born, and saving us all!!!

I love y’all….w/all my heart!!!

  1. Anonymous says:


  2. ScoobyDoo247 says:

    Merry Christmas man. Have Fun at the bowl game dont freeze up to bad n become a blackcicle haha

  3. Anonymous says:

    have a great time sir

  4. Anonymous says:

    hey mar-kess! *you know how it sounds* haha hope you had a fantastic christmas and even though it’s a lil late to say this, but i hope you have a safe trip. one of my xmas “presents” is that i’ve gotten to know you better over the last year! dude!! it’s already been a year ! thats insane!! hehe take care hasta la pasta

  5. nrmaste says:

    Merry Christmas Marcus!!!! Have fun in Boise! I’ll be watchin ya’ll!!

  6. AmyShmamey says:

    Merry Late Christmas Marcus… I hope you had an awesome one…..and you deserve it…I’ll see ya soon…cuz I think I feel a fever coming on!! Much Love!! 🙂

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