Posted: December 28, 2004 in Uncategorized

Hey hey y’all….

So a lot has gone down as of late. Christmastime was pretty different this year. For Christmas Eve, I had dinner with my dad. My mom had to work on Christmas day. BUT…in the morning, I took her to church, and we had breakfast at Denny’s before she had to go to work, so at least I got to spend time with my mother. Spent most of the day at home, finished laundry, delivered some gifts, and visited my mom at work. Packed my stuff from Lemoore, and headed to Kingsburg for Christmas dinner (Jeff’s family invited me over).

Dood….Jeff’s family really made me feel incredibly welcome at that dinner. We ate an awesome meal, opened gifts….all this cool stuff. Mang, they seriouly got me all these gifts, and stuff….I couldn’t believe it. That family is so NICE to me…Just like Cesar’s family….Chris’s family….er’y one of my friends’ family is so awesome to me…and i’m so blessed by it. I’m so thankful for all of my friends, and their families. They understand that things are rough with my family situation, and always make it a point to include me as a part of their family….and that’s such a blessing to me. Praise God yo…He’s so awesome….

Had to come back to Fresno Christmas night because of the bowl game departure the next day. Packed that night for Boise…woke up in the morning to Jeff calling Gary, telling him that he couldn’t go on the trip: He woke up with the stomach flu ….oh man…i felt so bad for the guy….bought him some crackers and 7up…and had to bounce. Got to Boise at like 1:15 or so. Not TOO much to do there, but we did hit up some good food ’round there. Lots of people were….well….yeah, doin’ the typical college thang. I’m not too hot on that….i hung out with some peoples though, and got to know them better, so that was cooh. Jason (Fritts) wasn’t feelin’ too good (migraine)….so I stuck with him to make sure he was okay. Surely was wishin’ that Jeff could’ve been there….but at least he was home gettin’ better, and even got to see his family….

The game was actually perdy tight. WE WON! ….oh mah dayem…DEFINITELY wasn’t expecting us to beat a RANKED team like that mang….37-34. Dood…i had our 50-piece pep band playing a GRIP….We kept goin’ at it w/the pep-tunes….and apparently the team appreciated it…they gave us actual props (as opposed to e-props ). It was a great game….a decent trip. BUT….*sigh*… was my last. That’s right folks….that was my last performance with the Fresno State Bulldog Marching Band…..I got to conduct the alma mater (which was such an honor….don’t remember the last time they allowed the Senior Drum Major to conduct the alma mater….i was so humbled….and i almost even cried….).

Anyway, got back to the apartment at about 9pm. Grabbed a bite to eat….i’m chillin’ right now, just relaxin’ to some music. Gonna get some rest tonight….it’s much needed. I hope all is well with y’all! Have a good one, and i’ll catch ya later!….


  1. Anonymous says:

    Yeah man, you had us workin overtime today man, but it was all worth it!!!  I’m watching the game and we played so much more than they did.  We all had a blast, and too bad it was our last football game, but what a way to send it off man.  Oh yeah Balt created a Bulldog Band Alumni Blogring, and I qualify now, as well should you!!!  and Balt will kick people out if they aren’t properly credentialed, lol!!! Yeah i don’t remember a time where the head DM conducted the alma mater, maybe mario, but I’m not sure on that one.  That must have been quite an honor for you; you deserved it man.  REPRESENT THE KC LOUD AND PROUD!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    sorry i didnt text, nobody had free text outside of modesto, so i had no options. I hope to talk to you next time you get online. Well, ill talk to you soon, later bro.

  3. SuziQ0434 says:

    wow…sounds like it was a good trip for you! and what a way to end it huh? wish i could have been there…but ill have Fever this summer with you…which’ll be awesome! glad you had fun.
    Love Cynthia

  4. jazstmpr67 says:

    It has truly been an honor to have you as a fellow bandmember in the Bulldog Marching band, and as our Senior Drum Major. I can’t think of anyone more deserving of conducting the alma mater than you. You made me tear up and I thank you for all the great times in band. Lots of love to my brutha!!!!

  5. thanx for the comment brother. hope u have a good day!god bless,justin

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