Posted: December 29, 2004 in Uncategorized

Hey y’all….hope you’ve been having a great day….just wanted to holla and say wuddup. So far my day’s been great! Slept in (oh how great that was!), had a bit of Jesus time, had lunch, gave Luke his birthday & Christmas gifts (so it’s kinda late…i know…hahaha…)….now i’m just chillin’ with Jeff and Eve in the apartment.

Later on in the evening I have a worship team rehearsal for sunday…which should be cooh. BUT….what stinks is that a whole bunch of my friends are going to see ocean’s 12 today, and i told them i could go…but i totally forgot about practice ….so i can’t go….cuz i already committed to playin’ this sunday, and i gotta rehearse. But oh wells…i’m sure the guys will understand…it’s for Jesus

Man…2004 is almost over! That’s hard to believe! But it’s all good….2005 is comin’, and it should be all good in the hood like a woodchuck could chuck wood ….I’mma put up the good ol’ new year’s post here soon….so keep an eye out!! I hope all of you have an awesome day!!

Love y’all….very much!

  1. Anonymous says:

    nice u play in the praise team.. hehe i used to sing for our praise band but yah the church vision changed so everything is changed from the leadership and other department. Yeh 2004 is almost over heh it goes by fast.. but i cant wait for the day Jesus comes back.. Rapture i cnt wait to be taken up in heaven.. Well, God Bless & thanks for prayin for my dad. I truly appreciate it. I’ll be prayin for you also. ttyl =)

  2. amstrak01 says:

    So i was reading GAUK’s xanga and noticed that a guy named Robert had mentioned a Marcus Zellous.  Now I’m goin’ out on a huge limb here and I may have the wrong guy….but did you go to USA Drum Major camp in Santa Barbara back in Summer 2000?  Highly random, yes, but I know GAUK from KKPsi; I’m a bro at Cal Poly and the current Asst DM of the band.  So yeah…are you THE Marcus Zellous?

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