Posted: December 30, 2004 in Uncategorized

Been a while since i’ve done sumpin’ like this….so here ….

TEN Random Things About Me
10. i’m goofy
09. i’m a musician
08. i’m a sensitive person, and extremely sentimental
07. i LOVE marching band and jazz
06. i’m very relationship-oriented
05. i’m black and filipino
04. i live with 3 other guys….and they are the best roommates ever
03. i want to be a band director…
02. i love laughing and smiling
01. i love the Lord….so much

NiNE Places I`ve Visited
09. san diego
08. santa barbra
07. olongapo city, philippines
06. new orleans
05. baseball hall of fame in cooperstown, new york
04. niagara falls
03. universal studios
02. washington (state)

EiGHT Things I Wanna Do Before I Die(in no particularorder)
08. learn how to play the guitar
07. run a successful music program at a high school
06. go skydiving
05. go on a road trip in the U.S.
04. go camping
03. go to japan, china, italy, back to the philippines….
02. make a difference in someone’s life
01. become a husband…and have a family

SEVEN Ways To Win My Heart
07. chicken and rice! hehehe!
06. hospitality
05. random acts of genuine kindness
04. comedy/laughter…a sense of humor
03. love for others and love for God
02. smiling
01. humility

SiX Things I Belive In
06. miracles
05. my friends
04. my students
03. happiness
02. music
01. God

FiVE Things I`m Afraid Of
05. upsetting other people
04. snakes….i HATE them yo! dayem!
03. failure…though it’s inevitable….but i still fear it
02. white people….jk…hahaha! (hey….i have a WHOLE lot of white friends!)
01. not doing a good job in anything i do….

FOUR Of My Favorite Things In My Bedroom
04. bed
03. clothes
02. my pictures….oh man i love pictures…
01. my bible (though i haven’t spent as much time with it as i should’ve….but i’m getting better at it!!)

THREE Things I Do Everyday
03. go online
02. eat
01. ask myself how it is that i could possibly have such wonderful friends….roommates…best friend….all that stuff…

TWO Things I`m Trying Not To Do Right Now
02. loose my happiness over christmas
01. think of things that are bad

ONE Person I Want To See Right Now
01. ….

hope y’all had a great day….take kerr


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