Posted: January 4, 2005 in Uncategorized

So…this is my first entry of 2005!! Oh snap….what should i talk about?! I’m so confused!! (ain’t nuffin new to me….haha! ). How bout i just do it like i usually do it? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it (as my good friend Jeff would say)….

So today i woke up at about 7….showered….Jesus time…went to Bullard (oh man….i really missed those kids!). Chair placement testing was today, so we did blind auditions…interesting stuff…haha! Left at like 12, went to the bank to deposit some money. Came home, cooked rice and had leftover garlic chicken with rice (mmm mmm mmm! ). Watched the Fever promo DVD (hehehe…), then took a nap for about an hour and a half. Woke up, went to Border’s to kinda look around….i bought a lil’ journal so i can jot some things down in it er’day (mainly prayer stuff). Then Dan called me while i was there….HE’S HOME!!!! Aw man….you’ve no idea how excited i was to hear that…I’ve really missed that guy!! Came home to the apartment and chilled with him for a bit….then he, jeff, beehler and and i went to Doghouse Grill (tri-tip sandwich….oh mah dayem….hahaha! so good!). Came back to the apartment, and jeff brought over my favorite ading in the whole wide world…now they’re playing super nintendo (HECKA old school huh!!? But it’s still tight thoe….).

So now i’m just chillin….and doin’ some thinking. I’m a very reflective person…very sappy on the inside….but hey…”I is what I is”….but yeah man…i’m just in a very thankful mood right now. Ever been SO thankful for something, you wonder how it is that you ended up with it? I do….every day of my life….thank ya Jesus for humbling me everyday!

Well, i’mma go now….i hope y’all have a good one! Take care, and i’ll catch ya around….


  1. AmyShmamey says:

    Thanks for the invite for Friday Night….that’s awesome and I so hope that I can go…your awesome…I know I tell you that all the time, but…your awesome all the time…so…get used to it! lol why am I awake and I have to leave for tour in 4 hours? aaaah! lol have a good week!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Fever promo aye? somebody is anxious to start fever? Anywho, Talk to you later, ill be up until late of course, but i have to fix my schedule soon for work! Eek, well anyways, hope you can make it to cali a day early, talk to you later bro.

  3. Anonymous says:

    i said cali, wow…modesto, im such a dweeb!

  4. Anonymous says:

    2005 here we come! keep up the great work at bullard! holla!payce!

  5. slappee says:

    talk about old school… i’ve still got my regular nintendo!! haha! it is still way fun though!! thanks for the well wishes my homeskillet!!

  6. hey there!! doghouse grill is sooo yummy!! man you got me hungry for lunch now that i think about it so yeah- 2005 doesnt seem much different so far from 2004…just have to remember to write a different number for the date! so i’ll see you sunday at fever!! woo hoo take care and glad all seems to be going well! ttfn

  7. “so this is a new year and i dont feel any different.” <good song!
    wow!! eventful day! 🙂

  8. 😦 awww… im sorry… your sad face just made me want to change my mind… but … seriously… this morning at 0 i had to play the second part ALL by myself…! man… i did not sign up to play a SOLO 😛 but yeah… i dont know. i love playing my clarinet… and im sad that i even want to quit cause i know not having the class will make me want to play less. but just the politics (can’t believe even band has that) make me not want to think about 4th period or my clarinet for as long as possible. and now that most of my friends have quit there is just not as much fun in it. and i do believe well… i better not say… but… i will be around to visit… (i think erin would kill me otherwise.) : )take care marcus… oh and if you see chris or Flo tell them i miss them! im sure i’ll see you around tho…celia

  9. yay im not quitting, my parents made me realize that i made a comitment and i would be letting you guys down, cuz theres no one to replace me. But Im so happy that ms.lily is now letting you conduct us, that makes band SOOOO much better. Im sure itll be fine. See you at school.-Rachel

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