Posted: January 6, 2005 in Uncategorized

Today’s been….well….an odd day…back and forth between good and bad….but mostly good…

It started out horribly…because I was defiant to the Lord…and fell short to a very important goal I have in my life. I’m still trying….i’m not giving up, because I know that God wouldn’t give up on me!!

On that note….it’s so amazing how someone has the ability to pick you up…which just one simple sentence. I feel great knowing that when I have a problem, that I can let someone know…and receive some encouragement….thanks Jeff….

Went to Bullard today…good times. I got to help teach the AP music theory class, and conduct the woodwind class for a bit…so that was great! Had lunch with my homie Adam at Chipotle….he’s so awesome to hang out with. We hardly get to really chill during the school year, so I’m glad that we’ve been hanging out a lot during the break.

Came home to the apartment, and took a nap for about an hour. Woke up, headed to Chris Morshead’s place and jammed a bit with him (Adam as well). Man, that’s something I really miss doing…jammin’….I was glad that we were able to….well…actually…they do all the time, but i hardly get to cuz i’m so busy. But yeah…good times…

After that, I went to a small group bible study from my church (it was at my college pastor’s place). I haven’t been in a small group all semester because I was so involved with stuff at school or bullard…so nothing worked out. Hopefully this one will, cuz MAN it was tight! Tonight was actually their first meeting of the year, so it was a game night deal….played some Catch Phrase and Mad Gab….real funny stuff yo! I was talking with Josh, the college group pastor about me getting more invloved with the college group…and we’ve got some ideas rolling! I’m perdy excited y’all….it’ll be good times….

Kinda ending the night with a lil’ quiet time. I’m feelin’ kinda “blah” right now. Ever feel helpess when someone you care about is upset about something? Well…i kinda feel that way right now….about a couple of people. Man, it just breaks my heart to see people that I love so much…to hurt, or to be upset. And to know that there’s absolutely nothing I can do to make things better for them. Well…i suppose that I can do a couple things….pray for them…and just be there to love ’em….which i’m DEFINITELY gonna be doing.

So wussup for the rest of the week? Still workin’ at Bullard….helping out the Bulldog Beat with their tour…The Rock (college group) on Friday night (singing on the worship team! YAYUH!), and some other stuff….i’m just gonna really try and max out the “enjoyment factor” of this break…cuz i’ve had some good times…

Welp y’all, i’m out….have a great day….and HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLAKE!!(tomorrow…actually….hehehe!). So yeah….peace out y’all…


  1. Anonymous says:

    feel better bro~ God Bless……..

  2. amstrak01 says:

    my college group at home is called the Rock group….actually ROCK: Radical Offspring of Christ the King.i know what you mean with friends hurting and all.  i’m actually worried about my entire college group at home and their lack of care for each other.  it really hurts to see such a change since i’ve left.  i’m praying things improve.

  3. jazstmpr67 says:

    Just a little shout out for my brotha Marcus, you are the best man. And I bought something for ya, so when ever I get to Fresno, I’ll give you a call, so we can get together. Lots of hugs for you!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    reading this a little late, awesome picture, u look like a thug, lol.

  5. AmyShmamey says:

    I love Marcus!! Can’t wait for our annual (lol ok I guess its not annual at all but I decided I’m calling it that) Car ride on sunday…just got back from tour, man what a trip….not sure whats up with the Rock tonight, Mike said he would call me when he got done with beat stufff so yea…Marcus, don’t know enough of the situation to comment other than to tell you that you can always count on the fact that you are in my prayers, especially in times like this..if for nothing else, xanga’s are good for keepin me posted on my buddies like you so I can know where you’re at and what to pray for! Hope you had an awesome week….see ya soon!

  6. ScoobyDoo247 says:

    yo man glad to see yor hangin in there and doing good. I havent been at the last fever practice or the one this sunday…the last one it was way to foggy n mom didnt want me driving in it and i kinda didnt wanna drive in it and this sunday im goin up to BDB auditions. If i dont make a corp this year i wish ya the best of luck with fever man. I know yor gunna have a blast

  7. hey! it was hecka cool to meet you today! ur so awesome! fever’s going to be so fun this summer with you there!

  8. Hey!You came to Fresno High on Thursday….i was that girl that got up and did some dancing…..just wanted to say HI Ana

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