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So….I’ve been reading some xangas, and it seems that a trend has started. People have been taking 10 people, and typing something to them….but not addressing their name. So, i thought i’d do that…because i’m a relationship-oriented individual…and i love mah homies and homiettes!!

1. Bro…you are such a wonderful example to me. You’ve shown me what it REALLY means to love people, and to love Jesus. More and more i realize the precious gift that is you in my life. It’s just so crazy that between the later high school years, to now…we’ve become such great friends. I know that I can come to you with ANYTHING…and that you’ll be there for me…that’s extremely comforting to me…and i’m so thankful for that, and much more.

2. Man, I remember being a high school student, and helping Mr. Porter’s summer band program. I remember you…learning how to play the bass…we never really talked. Then, you came to high school…and we became very close friends. Now, in college….it’s only gotten better. I hope you know, that I really appreciate you…and the role that you have in my life. I can be myself around you…and that’s so important to me! Thanks for being the best little brother a person could have…

3. You really can’t read this online….because you’re no longer here on this earth. But…I just wanted to say….that I still think about you every once in a while…and of all the wonderful things you did for me, and for everyone else. You taught me SO much about being a field conductor…and about being a leader. I miss you sooooooo much…and…i suppose i haven’t stopped grieving. But i know that you’re at peace right now, and that’s so comforting to me! It was a pleasure to know you….even if it was just for a couple of years….i love you….and i miss you…

4. You can put a smile on my face JUST like that….and when i come home, and I’m not having such a good day…you’re the first one to know…even if i’m faking a good day. You always ask me if i’m alright…you always give me a hug…you always ask me how my day’s going….even if you had an idea. It’s so great to have such a loyal friend….and i’m glad that i’m blessed with such a great friend. I’m glad that I have you….because then…no one would make me laugh with all of those practical jokes of yours!!

5. I’ve known you for prolly….hrm….nearly 2 months……and I just can’t believe how quickly we’ve gotten to know each other. I’m glad that we can have talks, and be completely candid with one another….i dig the respect that we have for one another! You always tell me how awesome I am and all….but you know…the truth is….i think you’re truly an awesome person. You’re a born leader….and it’s just a joy for me to see you in action! I enjoy talking (well…mostly typing…hahaha) with you…and i’m very excited about spending a summer with ya on the road!

6. I’m running out of things to say about you…you’re incredibly important to me, and I’m just amazed by you….always. Ya know, we always go back and forth about who’s the better player, and who’s the better whatever. Well…I know the right answer to that. I wanna be honest with you right now homes…there are plenty of times, where I am completely envious of you…because the things that you have in life, are things that I’ve always dreamed of. And while I must step away from that, humble myself, and gladly accept all that I have in my own life (which i do!), I’m thankful….for you….my best friend….who knows me better than anyone else. And man…i’ve only known you for a little over 2 years….but it seems like forever. I’m inspired by you, amazed by you, and blessed by God BECAUSE of you….thank you…so much….for making life so much more enjoyable…i really mean that….

7. Man, when we were kids….you were a PUNK….i HATED it when both of my parents would have to go to work…cuz that meant i’d have to stay at the babysitter’s….with YOU….throwing FOOD at me. But man….it’s so funny to look back on…cuz we’re so incredibly close now. Man, i remember middle school too…and how we ALWAYS hung out together….we had the EXACT same schedule….and during breaks, we were always chillin…we’ve been through so many stages….but our friendship has never changed…and i love you so much for that homes. P.S.: “I got the egg nog….that make ya break ya neck….WOO HAAAA!!!” HAHAHAHA!!!

8. I just don’t know how possible it is that such genuine kindness could exist in a person! Cuz dang….you’ve always made me feel so important….and we only really started talking a couple months ago. I’m extremely excited about ya being in Fever…and yes…the car rides up and back are gonna be HECKA fun! Especially with all that singing we be doin’! Again, I’m humbled by your kindness, and am just thankful that I have the chance to get to know you even more….especially as a sister Christ….

9. Man…you are one of the most BRILLIANT people i know….and man…you’re so dang funny bro. Though, all of the boys are really funny… are definitely the king of wit! I also wanna thank you…for all you and your family has done for my mother and I…especially during the holidays. You always make us feel like a part of your family…and we are so thankful for that. I miss having you around mang….but i’m so glad to hear that you’re doing great things at your college mang!

10. You make me smile! All the time! And your laugh is contagious. I’m incredibly thankful for you because you LISTEN….and you really know how to put things into perspective….i suppose that’s what adings are for! And i couldn’t have asked for a better one…so thank you, for giving me your time, your hugs, and advice…you’re the best!


I gotsta go now….peace be with y’all!!


  1. Anonymous says:

    Well, you know you are the best of us two. Your humblesness always amazes me. I cannot wait to be on the field watchin you conduct, and feelin the energy come off of your fingertips into my playing! You rock so hard, but you know deep inside you already know that you are one hell of a person. Ok, back to talkin to you now, peace out

  2. AmyShmamey says:

    Marcus! I love you! Yay I love it when people do these things…It makes me so happy when other people realize how important they are in other people’s lives and what an impact they make! And you my friend, are no exception! You already know what I think about you….cuz I layed it right out for you on my xanga! And I am glad that I make you feel important….cuz you should…cuz you are!!! Man I can’t believe I am gonna get to spend so much time with so many incredible people all at once all summer! WHAT a blessing! Can’t wait…and until then….we’ll let our fingers do the talkin! lol talk to ya later…like…right now! 🙂

  3. GoDogs says:

    marcus…… once again i write u to tell u how much adoration i have for u….. every day u amaze me.
    if i am able to do fever, i am so there!! i want to really bad… just waitin to find out if i can…

    -love fo tha brotha!

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