Posted: January 17, 2005 in Uncategorized

Ahoy hoy!

How goes it y’all? Goin’ perdy good over here. This past weekend has just been awesome for me…and I’m just REALLY happy right now …I really couldn’t just pin-point as to WHY I am, but I can assure you that it’s God…showing me that there are some things in my life to certainly be thankful for…and I’m most certainly thankful for His blessings…

Let’s see…lately, at Bullard, I’ve had a bit more of an active role in teaching, which has been GREAT. The more I do it, the more I realize that it’s what I’m supposed to be doing…I love music, and I love kids….especially the ones that I work with now…

The Rock (College group bible study, Fridays 8pm at EVFree Fresno, Ashlan and Bond ) this past friday, was absolutely incredible. From the message (living your life for God…our days our numbered!…), to the worship (OH man…lots of incredible moments singing on the worship team…mmm hmmm….)…it was just a blessed time y’all…I can’t even express how awesome that service was. I’m getting more involved with the church soon…and have talked to my college pastor about how i might do so…so it should be interesting to see at what capacity i may be used by God in the college group/church.


Sorry…little burst of excitement…hahaha!

So while tihngs are all f’sho and stuff…school begins on wednesday for us BUT…I am somewhat excited….because dang…i miss seeing a lot of people! But i’m DEFINITEY feeling more energized now that I’ve been able to GET SOME REST! GEEZ! (i know that this won’t last very long once schools starts…haha). But yeah…i’m just tryin’ to stay positive about it…i’m gettin’ closer and closer to graduatin’…Fall ’05…it shall be good times

Welp, i bess be goin’…so much more has happened these past few days, but i can’t be up on this xanga thang forever…got lots of errands to run today! I hope y’all have an off the heezy day ‘n stuff! Take care, and I’ll peep ya later…

…drink red kool-aid…


p.s.: mike baltazar’s birfday was on friday! he turned 20! he’s awesome! good times at indoor soccer homes! hehehe…

p.s.s.: congratulations to mah homie Jason Fritts for making the drumline for Santa Clara Vanguard! I knew you could do it bro! –if any of y’all watch SCV this summer, check out bass number 4…that would be Jason…and you might be able to find Cletus in the hornline too….

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hahaha Marcus, youre a funny character! When does Bullllllaaard rehearse? Is it Tuesday nights? If so, a few of the kids wanted me to come observe and help with their woodwinds, so that would be cool. I’m sure you know who, needs all the help you know who can get! hehehe See ya later!

  2. ScoobyDoo247 says:

    yo man glad to see yor always doing good. Its pretty cool that jason made scv…if i dont make fever ill have to check u guys and him out…i probably wont make fever cuz aint been there since the first day cuz of other auditions going on. But good luck with this semester of school

  3. MrDrummer says:

    Hey, thanks for the random eProps! It’s great to find other music ed majors around! God Bless.

  4. amstrak01 says:

    was mike baltazar at USA camp too???  that name sounds really familiar….

  5. AmyShmamey says:

    yay for being so HAPPY! You frieken DESERVE IT! Cuz you bring so much happiness to everyone else all the dang time!!! I’ll see ya soon…..and good luck with the semester!

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