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Hey everyone…

The past few days have been a real bummer …for a number of reasons. One being that I’ve been sick…sore throat, headache, and low on the energy. Being sick stinks…because I miss out on doing some really fun things…I missed two get-togethers this week because of being sick (one of them is actually going on right now…and i’m bummed, cuz I don’t get to chill w/these folks very often…). So i’ve been staying at home and resting for the most part. Thanks so much to Dan, who’s been taking care of me…he brought me KFC yesterday just out of random! That was really nice…and if you’re reading this man, thank you so much for making sure that i’m doin’ okay…i appreciate it homes…

To add to all of this…my car, has been acting up again. I took it to the shop, picked it up the next day, and it broke down AGAIN. So i got fed up, and told my dad that i need a new car. He asked if i could afford it, and i told him that i dunno….and that i’d have to ask my mom. My mom called me this morning…and we talked about all of this. We’re really not doin’ too well as far as money is concerned…and I have an apartment, bills, and other expenses to take care of. My academic scholarship ends after this semester, and i’ll have to pay for school once it’s all said and done. SO…if i throw a new car into the equation, that’s ANOTHER major expense….

….i’m going to need another job….

And with that being said, my mom had to just go ahead and say it: “Marc, maybe you shouldn’t do Fever…” NOT because I can’t afford Fever, but because of all these other expenses that could potentially make things worse in the future. Oh man…i can’t believe all of this. I don’t want to NOT do Fever…this is an opportunity to do something really great…i’ve never done drum corps before…i’m the DRUM MAJOR for it for goodness sake! But….at the same time…i need a car…a better financial foundation so that i could pay for that car, and to continue to pay for a home, for bills, for school, and to help my mom….i’m so worried….and i don’t know what to do…

I need time to think….and to lift all of this to God…please keep me in prayer y’all….this is a really hard decision to make…and either way, it’s going to hurt. I’m sorry this post got so gloomy….but….i just needed to kinda vent…and i thought i’d let you all know what’s been going on…

Anyways…i’m out…take care…


  1. Anonymous says:

    Dude Markus! I know you sweat alot when conducting, but you still kick butt! Keep your head up… you know, even the Bible says, “…and it came to pass…” so whatever’s up will pass : ) Later man!!!

  2. I’m so sorry to hear you’re having a bad day. Making tough decisions is always hard, but I truely believe everything happens for a reason. So whatever you decide to do, it WILL all work out for the best. Just don’t forget to smile ever now and again… and I hope you feel better soon!Taylor

  3. dont worry markus i know exactly how you feel. great things come with great obsticles.

  4. hi grandpa! i know exactly what you mean…i’m in the exact same situation you are. having to worry about money is a bummer, and i’ve had to actually go through with quitting. believe me, it was a painful thing to do, especially since you have limited time to be active in this sort of activity. hopefully you can find a way that works so that you don’t have to quit. love ya! –your anak

  5. nrmaste says:

    oh man. i seriously feel your pain marcus.

  6. jazstmpr67 says:

    Yeah, ditto on some of the responses already left. I too worry, I don’t have a job, and it’s kinda hard to look for one when you have such a crappy schedule, you have things you are doing, i.e tour, spring break, you have to have time for student teaching, yada, yada. My FA came in, and I am just trying to be so careful. It’s a never ending story. Hang in there, God will provide you an answer and a way, stay faithful, and GET WELL SOON!!! I miss ya but will get to see ya in Music History, holla from across the room…..lots and lots of hugs!!!

  7. hey mar-kess! hopefully that brought you a lil grin of some sort with my goofyness i gotta agree with what everyone else has already said. things do work out how they should. you’re such an awesome guy and no matter what happens everyone will still love ya and care about you! take care and make sure to be catching some good Zzzs and plenty of vitamin C + B ttfn – megan

  8. Anonymous says:

    I know all of this is gonna be the toughest decision of your life, and i might be being extremely selfish, but i sure hope you can do it. It is the experiance of a life time, and to miss out on it… would be wondering about it for the rest of your life. I know to do it is easier said than done, but you will find a way to pull through. If you somehow cant do it, i will sure miss you a lot, and think about all of the fun times that you cant share with us. I just read over this, and its kind of depressing, but i have a strong feeling that your path is to do fever this year. Hopefully im right so this comment i left isnt as crappy as it looks if you couldnt do it. See ya

  9. xxhismaexx says:

    oh man…If I can help out in anyway I will do it for you!  Just let me know and i’ll start looking for sponsors for you to be able to march this summer…there are tons of ways to get help so you just gotta ask.  I’m sure there are more people willing to help especially a great guy like you that has helped so many.  You deserve the world and you’ll get because you are so awesome.  So anytime you need financial advice/help or anything just IM me I’m always around.  I love ya marcus and I’m praying for ya!  I mean it too you derserve the best because you’re the best!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Marcus-dawg,dang man if u can’t do fever i’ll be so bummed. but life does that sometimes eh? thanks a lot for inviting me last friday, that was great, such a blessing…and get better! check this out, this is one of my favorites:                                                                       Romans 5:1-6not sure if that helps or not but yeah. anyway, keep ur head up bro…ur awesome-fresh…PEACE                                                                                      -xx-

  11. Kumusta po kayo? (Marcus, I just wanted to say Hi) —> Raychel (Matt’s Girlfriend)

  12. AmyShmamey says:

    I’m with Blake on the whole “maybe this would be selfish” thing….but the thought of this long stretch of summeron the road without you is not a plesent thought. Now, this is hard to say without making it sound like I’m trying to guilt trip you, which I am TOTALLY not.I just want you to know that one of the main reasons I was convinced to do fever this summer was because I knew we would be under your leadership, and from all that I’ve known of you, there was no way we could fail with your loving touch on everything that we were doing. I know that 29382933 other people feel the exact same way, you are so loved! That being said, I completely understand the money thing….I just went back to my old job begging for ANYTHING that they could give me…..its gonna be a big sacrifice, but from what I’ve heard…it will be worth it and 28933898 times more. I think what convinced me was when my mom actually said to me, who had been praying about it and wasnt sure if she thought that i should take on such a large time and financial commitment, she said to me that you can work and save and earn and put in your hours all your life, but this is a memory and an opportunity that will come along never again, this is your last chance, and money cant buy memories. I think thats what made me decide it was worth it. But at the same time, I know that sometimes, you feel that your path is being lead in another direction, and I also want you to know that I am sure everyone will be saddened at first, but then realize you are only doing what you need to do…we’re just all kinda selfish and want you there with us!!! Ok this novel has come to a close…I’m just pretty passionate about this issue! lol. But please know that you will be in my prayers..not that you already weren’t…but I understand you are taking on an incredibly difficult thought process and ultimately a massive decision…and my prayers are with you every step of the way. Love you Marcus!!

  13. ScoobyDoo247 says:

    yo yo my brotha wats krackalackin? hey i was wonderin for fever sunday could i maybe get a ride with you if yor car isnt full or anything. Id help pay for gas cuz amy told me that most of you guys are also comming back early for the banquet. If its aight or anythin just give my cell a call 817-9351

  14. ScoobyDoo247 says:

    hey man  no need for the ride or anything somethin just came up n wont be able to go but i will be at the banquet

  15. feverdawg says:

    Man that really sucks. You have to do Fever. Its a great opportunity for you. But you know that, GOD has a plan for you. So dont give up hope..

  16. Anonymous says:

    yo man, it’s vic. i have a new xanga! check it out! i hope all’s well bro and i hope you’re feeling better!payce!

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