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Hey hey er’body….

I guess with my busy schedule, I won’t be able to holla on my xanga as much anymore….go figure! Geez! haha…anyway…

These past couple of weeks have been kinda lowly. Lots of people that I know/am close to, have had close relatives die. My ading’s grandfather passed away, my friend frank lost his father to psorosis, and another friend, eileen, also lost her father. Man…so overwhelming for me to witness…even though I didn’t know those who had died (well, except for Frank’s father…we was cooh!), I was saddened because 1) My friends were sad…and that always breaks my heart and 2) I just couldn’t imagine that feeling…of losing someone INCREDIBLY close. I’ve had friends die…but never someone EXTREMELY close. And…i don’t wanna say that it scares me, cuz i know that it’s a guaranteed part of life…and the Lord’s will is awesome….but….i just can’t help but to be so thankful for those whom i call my friends and my family…cliche, i know…but it’s so true….

But at any rate…school’s going ahight. Very busy times. Seems like i hardly have time to just kinda relax. But oh wells! Had Fever practice today…that went pretty cooh. I’m still learning names and stuff….but i’m diggin’ the folks a lot…hope they’re diggin’ me as their drum major. Played with the drumline for the first time today too…should be pretty cooh y’all!

Welp, i should be goin’. And oh yeah…tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day…haha…well, “Singles Awareness Day” for me…but, i suppose i could celebrate a love for my friends and family….but i do that every day anyway!! So yeah…i love y’all….take care and have a good one!

“Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their labor. For if they fall, one will lift up his companion…Though one may be overpowered by another two can withstand him. And a threefold cord is not quickly broken.”

Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 & 12


  1. amstrak01 says:

    very good verse. 🙂  yeah SAD (Singles Awareness Day) ain’t so much fun.  i’m usually not so against v-day, but this year’s just been a bummer.  so i’m a conditional charter member of SLAV’D: Spurned Lovers Against Valentine’s Day (one of the bros at Irvine created it and so far there’s 3 members-woohoo!)(but i’m conditional cuz i know as soon as i find someone for v-day sometime, i’ll be out of the club)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey there Marcus!! Just wanted to drop a line and say how much fun I had on Thursday.  It’s about time!!!   Anyways, we should do it more often for sure.  I’m sorry to hear about all of the hardships friends are acing- but I’ll keeo them in my prayers.  I hope you have a fantastic Valentine’s Day and I’ll see you tomorrow at wind- lata my friend!!        ~Lyndi Sue~

  3. death is a hard thing…….during high school i’ve had so many young people die. my grandma also left me during my high school years! so hard to get through. we’d be getting done mourning with one and another person would leave us. it was so hard to deal with. everyone had a numb look to them at school. acouple of the hardest ones, well besides, my grandma of course, was a death of a dear dear friend named alex. he died of cancer, i loved that guy. i remember sitting by him in band just picking on each other hahahaha he was so much fun!!!!! Always out there on the feild ready to go even if he werent in the best condition. during his mourning another kid died in a car accident. (something that us exeter kids are so fimilar with!) so we had two deaths to think about. the second one (again besides my grandma) was a death of a friends older brother., daniel unger. i can remember my first thought sitting in class hearing that daniel was killed in iraq. DAVID!! (his younder brother) i love david so much hes like the little brother i never had. and seeing him in that state just killed me inside. i couldnt bare to be around him while he and even his family were so hurt. but i just knew i had to be there for him and his family. oh boy, but his dad is so proud of daniel. as we all are!!! if you ever have time you should ask me about it. i think i’ve written enough here! or even that you should hear his dad preach! hes sooooo great!! speaking of sorry i havent gone to youth im very bad :(……….see ya around!

  4. quiet_menace says:

    yo marcus! i went over to a jazz club last night and watched benny golson’s quartet play. i think you might know he is. but anyways, it sooooooooooooo reminded me of you, and not because he’s black! 😛 although he was playing tenor, sometimes i would drift back to my freshmen year when you used to play bari…my thoughts also kept being interrupted by the idea that i think you solo better than him. for real tho, no joke! well, hope you have a good day! drop me a line sometime.

  5. hi marcus!! lol bet you wont guess who this is

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