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Hey hey y’all…

Whoa…it’s been pretty long since I’ve written up in here. Geez! Oh well…it’s a testament of the busyness that’s taken over my life! But anyway…I’m still alive…I’m just hardly around on this xanga thang…so yeah…here i is now!

School’s been ahight. It constitutes roughly 85 percent of my busy schedule. SO much reading! It’s to the point to where I simply can’t do it all…it’s just ridiculous. It seems like this semester is the “let’s all give Marcus a TRILLION pages of reading” semester. I’m all about doin’ well in school…and trying hard. I just don’t know if there are enough hours in the day to get all of it done! And when I do have time, I just want to relax…and that’s it! I suppose taking some time for myself is a good thing…but i can’t help feeling guilty i guess.

Music stuff is going well. I’ve a Jazz Band concert this thursday (March 3 @ 7:30pm…CSU Fresno Concert Hall). Jazz is always fun. Wind Ensemble’s been cooh….some tough (yet fun) music. Conducting….oh man….Doc is throwing stuff at me LEFT and RIGHT. I had to conduct…AND rehearse…the wind ensemble last week, and will have to again on tuesday. It’s SO intimidating…and I really feel like i shouldn’t be leading them in rehearsal…but Doc keeps telling me about my potential and stuff….which is great to know. I hope to do a good job…i don’t wanna suck at this conducting thing yo. The wind ensemble’s also been really supportive…and stuff…which is SO awesome of them (thank you ALL!).  Sax quartet is a lot of fun…i’ve been working on my soprano playing with Alan, my studio teacher. And man…i’m diggin the improvement! Hopefully it keeps goin!

Bullard’s been pretty interesting. They’re starting to sound not too bad! Lily’s been really naggin the kids on playing position and scales and whatnot…which isn’t bad…but…man…so much more can be done too!! But hey….i’m not the one with the degree. Alls i know is….I love those kids…and i want them to be good…

I worked the CBDA Convention a couple weeks ago. I was the Chaperone Manager for the Jr. High School All-State Honor Bands. Man…lemme tell ya: I’ve NEVER been so stressed in my entire life. Being in charge of 226 kids…always making sure they’re accounted for, and that they’re on time to everything (mind you, JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL KIDS)….that requires a lot of energy. People said I did a great job, but I couldn’t have done it without the help of my fellow chaperones…my friends….they helped me out SO much! Y’all were awesome…thanks so much!

Had a couple Fever rehearsals…things are coming along! Played through the opener again today, and also through “Fever Hymnsong” (“On a Hymnsong of Philip Bliss”)…and it sounds perdy cooh. Once we all keep up with the playin’, and grow a little more, i think we’ll be awesome! I’m startin’ to get to know some of these folks…and it’s been fun thus far…lookin’ forward to the summer.

What else…Oh yeah! The Rock (my college group bible study) is starting a club on the Fresno State campus, and I’ve been asked to be the President of it! I’m really excited about it…nervous, but excited…because of all the opportunities that may come as a result of the campus club. I’m sure God will make his will known to us for it. Going on my first retreat this weekend with the college group this weekend up in Camp Oakhurst….I can’t wait yo…it’s gonna be awesome.

Welp, i should be going….I have a lot more to say….but…i’m really tired…haha! I hope all of y’all are doin’ well…take care…drop me a holla, won’t ya! Lemme know how you is!

Love you all…


  1. Anonymous says:

    i am happy for you

  2. sounds fun but busy 🙂 have funAna

  3. jazstmpr67 says:

    Hey, YOU DID AN AMAZING JOB for CBDA!!! Wow your schedule makes mine look like nothing, which right now it kinda is. You totally deserve to be up there in front of the group conducting. I would hope one day that I might get to do the same. Here’s some love and lots of prayers to keep you sane!! Love ya man!!!

  4. you don’t have to have a degree in order to teach us something that’s useful in our lives. memorizing a c minor scale is so going to get me into college if i want to be a doctor. all we need is your love and support, not some tyrant playing favorites and threatening kids for talking out of turn.

  5. Contra_chunk says:

    whoa…too busy, but if it gets ya where you gotta got then it’s all worth it…hmmm kinda like fever…well later man.

  6. amstrak01 says:

    i commend anyone willing to work with jr highers.  i know that i don’t have the patience for that age group.  we host an all-state HS honor festival and that’s a LOT of work but i’m not so annoyed by them   i disliked jr high and my brother was annoying when he was in jr high.  but if you can handle ’em, more power to ya!!

  7. Just saying Hi. Good Luck at the Jazz concert. I will be seeing you there, so dont forget to say hi! Also I know you will have fun with Fever. Why because you get to hang with Matt all summer. Lucky you!! LoL

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