Posted: March 19, 2005 in Uncategorized

Yo yo…what it be like my jive turkies??

Well…again, it’s been a very long time since I’ve updated this here xanga. It’s all good thoe…i like to leave y’all in suspense!!….jk….

So here’s the latest: SPRING BREAK IS HERE!! YAAAAYUH! It actually started on wednesday for me. We had Wind Ensemble tour down south for a few days (just got back like 2 hours ago). It was pretty fun. Performances went ahight…had some “interesting” moments.

Some of the highlights included:

-“Vientos y Tangos”
-Ya mama only gots one leg that’s why they call her HIP-HOP
-“A Whole New Woooooooooooooooorld” HAHAHAA!!
-Michael Jackson’s Number One Music Videos….wow…hahaha…
-Booty Wood (who in their right mind would allow for themselves to be NAMED that?

…more seriously….

-getting to know folks
-working with/clinicing some cool kids
-hanging out with some of my close friends….some of my roomies (mike, i wish you were in wind ensemble yo!)
-realzing how absolutely awesome my best friend is…he just makes life so much better…

Man…SO much laughter…come to think of it, between the retreat last week (which was AWESOME…God’s so beautiful…) and some of the funny times in W.E. tour, those were some of the most relaxing, entertaining, and refreshing times I’ve had in a very long time! Thanks for all of you who’ve contributed to it!

So…what’s crackin’ for the remainder of the break? Well, I have a couple Fever functions comin’ up, some work to do with church, some practicing, hang out with mom, hang out with friends, RELAX…just some of the things I plan to do…we shall see what else should come about!

Welp, I think I’mma bounce now…I hope all is well w/y’all! Take care, and drop a holla if ya wants! It’s always good to hear from you guys! Take care, and I’ll be seein’ ya!


  1. Anonymous says:

    Marcus dude, you rock.
    the end.

  2. basschick22 says:

    word for shizzlei LOVE that game

  3. Anonymous says:

    Marcus!!! You always make me laugh, no matter how bad I am feeling. Thanks for being such a cool friend over the years! It is gonna be fun band directoring with you in the future! Shhhhiiiiiiyyyaaaatttt… I gotta go, its late though!

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. havent seen you forever at bullard! anyways HoLLa! *hugs*-rachel!

  6. Hey Marcus!! DUde it’s been DAYS since we’ve talked. Sounds like your having an AwEsOmE spring break. I”m on mine right now as well. Well just wanted to stop by and say hola! I miss like crazy! Can’t wait to see you for FEVER! Only another 2 months till I come home! YAY! LoL…Oh new s/n is SuperCuteTrumpet. TTYL!
    Mucho love!
    Haily..the one andonly!

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