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This is how great Lemoore, California really is:

MarKutz17: what’s goin’ on w/you today?
MCbaSiCnATure: well i slept, then so far looks like i’m gonna wander around my house and occaisionally sit down
MarKutz17: hahahaha….awww!
MarKutz17: why don’t you go out and do sumpin girl!
MarKutz17: there’s SO much to do in lemoore now!
MarKutz17: like, there’s a new stoplight…and stuff
MCbaSiCnATure: there’s a new stoplight!?
MCbaSiCnATure: where?! i gotta see this!
MarKutz17: yeah!!
MCbaSiCnATure: lol
MarKutz17: on the overpass (18th ave. and 198)
MCbaSiCnATure: so we have what 5 now? whoa we’re getting big
MarKutz17: hahaha…yeah i know!

Ain’t life great? Hahahaa! *le sigh*

Vacation’s been cooh so far. Had Fever practice….low attendance, but it was still cooh. Got the second movement, and it’s rather interesting! We can do a lot with it visually too, so that’s fresh. Did some preparation for the upcoming gig on Saturday.

Went home for a few days to see my mom, and to hang with some friends. My mom is just awesome…i’m glad I got to be at home so she wuddn’t alone. Got to hang out w/”the boys” too…and my very good friend, Jessie Godinho (been a LONG time since we’ve hung out….i’m glad we did! I miss her!). Came back to Fres-yes last night…

So, today i’m cleanin’ the apartment…cuz dang….midterm/termpaper season made us all so crazy, that we kinda ignored the apartment…so now it’s being taken care of! Had lunch with Gunnar today at Chipotle. I’ve gotta say…Gunnar is just the nicest guy I’ve ever met y’all…he’s got the love of Christ just RADIATIN’ through him! Homes, if you ever read this, you’re so awesome! Thanks for the good times today!

After lunch, headed over to Berean’s, got me a pocket bible (to carry along with me to school or something), the Jeremy Camp “Restored” CD, and the Kutless “Strong Tower” CD (all on sale ). Haven’t listend to the Jeremy Camp one yet, but man…the Kutless one is TIGHT…it’s a worship CD…BUNCH of good stuff on their! Not to mention, they’re just very talented musicians….good stuff…

So I’m back here now….still gotta do more cleaning….most of it’s done, but I’ve some stuff I still gotta take kerr of. Dan’s comin’ back tonight, so it’ll be cooh to have him back! Mike’s still in SD, but will be back in lemoore tonight, and back in fresno tomorrow night! Jeff’s gonna be back tomorrow! He’s been in Mexico on a missions trip with his church…been gone for a week…so it’ll be great to have him back! Please pray for all of my roommates, that they’d have safe journies back, and that they’d submerge themselves in God’s love continually in whatever they’re doing! I miss them a whole lot!!!

I think Adam, Chris, M. and I are supposed to hit up some dinner tonight….hope that works out! I love those guys! Other than that, i’m just gettin’ mah cleanin’ on…so, I bess be goin’ then! I hope y’all have a great day….peace outtie…

….drink red kool-aid…. (been a while since i said that!)


  1. Hey Marcus!  Glad to hear you’re having a great Easter break.  Hopefully I’ll see you around school sometime.

  2. jennny_marie says:

    haha.  awww…i miss lemoore.  i was in town last week and i wanted to visit you.  sorry i didn’t.  i got sick my last days there and my uncle was being a bum and wouldn’t let me leave.  i so could have gone out and done stuff, but he wouldn’t let me.  but hopefully i will be back to visit soon and i will definitely visit you.  miss you bunches!  – jenny

  3. marcus i hope your havig a wonderful SpRiNg BrEaK.-RacHeL

  4. Anonymous says:

    the conversation you had at the top almost sounds like atascadero*sigh*
    later brolevi

  5. yeah well…..exeter only has 2. thats cool the town next to us only has 1. 🙂 remember when you wanted me to jump out the window!? hahaha

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