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Oh my goodness….I’m…I’m…UPDATING?!?! Oh snap

Things have been kinda crazy as of late. School is over thoe!! (awwwwww yayuh!!!). It’s been a tough school year yo…a lot of papers, projects, and performances. Easily was the most frustrating school year, but by the grace of God I got through it! Hahaha! SO glad it’s over…one more year until I graduate!

Bullard: Still working there. Ms. Lily is out for the remainder of the semester on stress leave, so I’ve been in charge. It’s been extremely interesting. They had their final concert, which was a logistical nightmare, though they played extremely well! Awards were….well….wow….I’m currently working to fix that situation! To all the seniors….I love you all, and i’ll miss you! (except for Anthony….i hate you!! ).

Fever: I’m growing more comfortable with the corps…really getting to know some folks! It’s REALLY awkward being a rookie…as well as the drum major! Hopefully I’m doin’ a good job….i’m looking forward to the summer. Things have been somewhat frustrating with numbers, however. We have some bari/euph spots still, i THINK one contra spot, one mellophone spot, and some spots in the drumline. If you’re down….COME to the camp this weekend. Auditions are also being held for the asst. DM spot…holla if you’re interested!!! Looking forward to the camp this weekend.

Church: Lots of fun with the college group y’all! This past year has been amazing…the Lord is certainly moving in our group. It’s been incredible seeing things from the leadership team’s perspective too! It’s just been incredible to see people who love God so much offer themselves and their services to our group…It’s such a blessing to my heart…4th service is also goin’ pretty well. Still pretty small, but it’s so awesome. If you’re lookin’ for a church yo, come to EVFree (Fresno) at 6pm. This service is geared mostly to 18 to 25 yr. olds, but ALL are welcome! Holla at a brotha if ur interested! The college group (The Rock) meets on Friday nights at 8pm at the church too if you’s down…

Graduation: Man….SOOOOOOOOO many of my friends are graduating/have graduated this semester! Chris Mateo, I’m sorry I couldn’t make it homes…thanks for understanding yo….but dang….i’m so happy for you! You’re gonna do some awesome things homes…i’ve so much faith in you! Robert Beehler: Homes…i’m sad you’re leaving. Thanks for keepin it real mah brotha….it’s been a whole lot of fun. Also, juss wanna holla at these other folks: Edj Gonzales, Tran Tran, Shannon Wiley, Chris Morshead, Rodney Yokota, Kennan Torgerson…and EVERYONE who graduated/are graduating!! I’m sorry if I missed you….i just can’t think! It’s a slip of the mind…not the heart! CONGRATS TO ALL OF YOU!!!! I LOVE Y’ALL!!

So in other parts of my life….i’m doin’ ahight. Lots of challenges have been presented to me yo. Lots of personal struggles to get through. I’m totally overwhelmed a lot of the time. Toward the end of the school year, things just got ridiculous, and it really brought me down a lot. I smiled less, I laughed less, I was quiet a lot, i was sad, i was disappointed…broken. But man…one thing that I’ve got to grasp is that life just isn’t simple…and that I can’t depend on myself to overcome these things…but I’ve got to rely on Christ. There’s SO much that I’m learning right now. A lot of the time, I find myself stumbling and occasionally falling down…only to realize that the Lord is right there with an outstretched arm saying “Keep trying!” So…when things aren’t going my way….when i make a mistake…when a friend’s bad mood is too overwhelming for me to take…and when i feel so frail…i know that the love of Christ reigns forever…and that it will continually sustain me….as long as I seek to glorify God and honor his plan for my life!!!

Anyways….i gotta bounce y’all. I’m glad that i finally updated…hahaha!! Prolly still won’t be updating too often, but I’ll be sure to holla er’y now and again. I hope all is well with y’all. Drop a holla and lemme know how you is!!

….drink red kool-aid….


P.S. Thanks to all of you who leave comments and stuff…they’re always awesome to read! They make a brotha smile!

  1. ScoobyDoo247 says:

    yo my brotha…i really wish i could be marchin with ya this summer in fever but i dont have the time n stuff now…i got summer school, startin up a brand new job GO TARGET haha, and teaching the drumline at the high school i work at also cuz we needa start fundrasing like crazy so we can get extra stuff. If i woulda known bout it months ago id be down n out on that field bustin my ass but ima have to wait till next season. Ill be seeing u guys in at the modesto show and the bakersfield show cuz im goin to the modesto one with friends and then to bakersfield with El D. Take it easy man n good luck with everything this summer.

  2. Marcus you’re doing and amazing job! You’re an incredible drum major! The best I know. =) You definitely do not look like a rookie. Keep up the outstanding job! I’ll see you friday! *muah*

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. slappee says:

    a mello spot?! if i wasn’t so freakin’ poor i’d soooo be there! i’ma miss you next year in marching band, home-skillet!!!

  5. well i guess i’ll leave you a comment just to make a brotha smile…they make sistas smile to*hint to leave me one* i’m switching from bari sax over to alto, and i’m playing piano in jazz band stil… the way is the UOP music camp any good? i’m going…hmmmm ttylxoxo’sAna

  6. An update, my word…..almost as rare as my updates. Anywho, Fever’s hot, and this summer will rock, peace out.

  7. Anonymous says:

    hey there! i just wanted to say that fever is soooo blessed to have you as drum major. you are such a hard worker and that is really encouraging. i love how you are a busy student and a member of fever and still keep a special time for god. that is something that is really special about you. you are doing awesome. i’ll see you at the camp! <33 Cody

  8. Wow that was a long entry.Brutus

  9. youre my hero, on and off the field. heh

  10. oh don’t worry, marcus…you are doing a FANtastic job! you are awesome!

  11. marcus,dude you rock???….anwyays fever is going to rock and you keep trudgen dude i remember to always be you. Well thanks for the ride for friday and i will view you on friday *thats a wierd way to say that but o well* latartzadam aka madam

  12. Same as what cody said..were lucky to have you! Can’t wait to see you…friday for the camp! Yay! Ready to get our butts kicked! LoL Later kid!
    much love
    Haily..the one and only!

  13. i’m sure you are doing a great job! you have the leadership. i really wish i could marching fever, but yea….cant afford not to work this summer. maybe if i save enough i’ll do it one year i’ll be out there with those mellos. but that would be way awesome. i hope everything goes well for you! take care.

  14. stwin says:

    wow! u updated!  only 4 more days left of bullard and then its summer!!!!  yay!

  15. amstrak01 says:

    ^ that’s weird and too spacious^
    welcome back to xanga land!  we missed you!  glad to hear things are going well and you survived another year of school.  yes! one more year til graduation for both of us!!!  enjoy your summer!  maybe i’ll make it out to Frez-yes to visit my cousin, and you if you’re there.

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