Posted: June 2, 2005 in Uncategorized

Yo yo jive turkies…..

So…it’s been really nice to NOT have school to worry about for a while! Work is winding down. Bullard’s graduation was yesterday, and i will admit…i was holding it back a little bit…i’m really gonna miss the seniors! But I’m so proud of each of them…i wish them the very best! The band sounded really good too! They’ve actually been working pretty hard so that the grad. music sounded good, so that was awesome to see…tomorrow’s the last day of school, so I’ll be there to see er’body off.

Fever camp this weekend went pretty well actually! We’re halfway through the show. We’re closing our holes, which is kind of a bummer that we couldn’t fill them. But i think it’s awesome…we can’t be waiting around for people anymore…it’s holding us back, and we’ve gotta just press onward. We’re starting to grow stronger, which is exciting! I’m really starting to feel a bond with the corps in its entirety…not just the hornline…but the guard, the drumline, the pit, and even the staff. I’m having a whole lot of fun conducting this group. They make me feel so welcome, and extremely appreciated! I’m still learning the in’s and out’s….though i’m the DM, i’m still a rookie!! Even still, I love all of them already…and am looking forward to working hard with them this summer!

Ya know…i’m so thankful for my friends right now yo. Seeing Cesar last week was awesome…we hung out and talked for a bit here at the apartment, and man…i’m always so amazed by him, and how happy he always is! Talked to Chris on the phone today…man…what an awesome guy he is…his humor really just brings the hugest smile to my face. Dan came back today…what a great guy y’all. I love how he and his family treat each other (congrats to him on becoming an uncle again!!!). I’ve spent a some time with Jeff these past couple of days…I’ve seen God moving in him so much over the past week…i’m so blessed by having him in my life so closely! God is awesome….He’s given me so much to be thankful for…including all of YOU who are reading this right now! My friends!!

Welp, i bess be going. I’m all Star Wars’d out right now! Watched episode 3 yesterday (which was tiiiiiiiight)….and since then, i’ve watched episodes 4 and 5…haha…but yeah…i’m kinda tired…so i guess I’ll holla at y’all real soon. Take care, and I’ll catch y’all later!

….drink red kool-aid….


  1. Yeah i’m gettin back to my roots and watchin all the old star wars too, I actually just saw Episode VI last night.

  2. Check out my site… hehe… I talk about you. =P Of course you already know those things, but yeah… I just had to say them again.

  3. SuziQ0434 says:

    I just wanted to stop by and say thank you! Thank you for everything! I dont know if you really believe how amazing you are!  You are doing tremendous things for Fever and for me personally.  Thank you for your inspiring words to the corps all the time. Thank you for pushing us farther than we think we can go. Thank you for being the leader and showing us all what it takes.  Thank you for the laughs that i so greatly need when i really just want to cry. Thank you for being you! Thank you for letting me be your ms thang. and last but not least(well i could really sit here and go on for days)  Thank you for showing me the right way to take my lid off my soda! lol! I am so excited to get to spend the summer with you. Just think…everytime you look down off your podium…there will be Ms. Thang standing right in front of you. Lol….Thats kind of a scary thought there isnt it? lol. I look forward to the many many jokes and fun times and even the really hard times of this summer.  It is going to be an amazing experience and I am glad that you are going to be there to share it with.  So all in all….thanks!
    Love CYNthia

  4. Hey Marcus, Its Pat, the trumpet player guy. yeah. Well I think it is awsome that you are our drum major. You know exactly what your doing when your conducting us. Its like you were meant to be in FEVER. Well thanks for choosing us over Blue Devils.

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