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Hey Y’all….

So…the time is drawing near, where I leave my home behind, and head out for two months with Fever. It really hit me hard today, as I saw my roommates throughout the day. DON’T GET ME WRONG! I’M SOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED ABOUT FEVER! It’ll be awesome, and i’m looking forward to the experience (and i’ll get more to that later in this entry)…but, in order for me to be COMPLETELY honest…i’ve gotta say that part of me does not want to go…because….

I’ll miss everyone….so much…

I’m going to miss going to The Rock, and experiencing the fellowship I do there. I’m going to miss Josh’s sermons, his sense of humor, his willingness to serve. I’m going to miss Luke’s hugs…and how excited he always is to see me. I’m going to miss Shelly’s smile! I’ll miss the worship team, and the fire they have for the Lord in praising him through song. I’mma miss “my favorite German in the whole wide world”, and the way she often encourages me. I’m going to miss the atmosphere, and how everyone ministers to me in such an awesome way there….man…the Lord is so awesome…

I’m going to miss my apartment!…how the sprinklers are ALWAYS on outside (even when it’s raining)….i’ll miss the sounds of locker’s opening/closing (we have a locker block inside our apt…we keep it real up in here…)…i’ll miss hearing the fan and music playing when i go to bed….i’ll miss cooking huge meals (oh man…rice….) and…yes….even cleaning the apartment!

I’m going to miss my parents. Though I don’t see either of them very much, the fact that I could has always been comforting. I’ll miss seeing my mom’s face light up whenever she sees me. I’ll even miss my dad…though he’s caused a lot of pain in my family…i’ve grown in forgiving him…

I’m going to miss my roommate Dan…I’ll miss his jokes…his little-kid shinanigans and facial expressions! I’ll miss the conversations we have. I’ll miss how he always says please and thank you…Dan if you’re reading this, those things really, REALLY mean the world to me. I love you bro…

I’m going to miss the most incredible friend ever–my best friend. I’m going to miss his sarcasm…i’ll miss hanging out with him, grabbing a meal with him. MAN…i’ll miss his musicianship…he plays well…he sings well…and that always inspires me! I’ll miss praying with him…he’s such a source of comfort for me…I look up to him so much, and to not have him around for so long…in all honesty…saddens me deeply. I may be overdoing it here…but that’s just how a brotha’s heart feels. Jeff…you’re awesome to me…i love you homes…

Man…i’m just going to miss all of you! I know I didn’t mention everyone….but please know that I’m going to miss you all SOOOOOOOO much! The “boys” the souljahz, my ading, and errrrr’body!  I’ve never done this before…i’m sure all the other Fever folks are feelin’ something like this too. At least I’ll be bringing pictures along…so i can always see your beautiful faces. At every show…I’m taking a picture up to my podium with me…a picture of my friends/family…so that I can be reminded to be thankful to the Lord for creating YOU in His image…and for being in my life…

Though I’ll miss a lot by being gone…FEVER IS GONNA BE TIGHT! I’m looking forward to:

-working hard, losing some weight and getting stronger!
-learning more about teaching
-traveling throughout the U.S.
-competing! it’s been a while!
-time with mike…he’s like a little brother to me y’all…
-establishing a bond with everyone in the corps…i already love them all! i’m looking forward to developing awesome friendships…
-READING! I’m bringing some books to read…for leisure! It’s been TOO dang long since i’ve done that!
-time with God…i look forward to what God has in store for me…

Welp…i guess that’s it…i’m leaving for modesto on Saturday…we begin our daily rehearsals, and our first show is on the 18th. Man o’ man…it’s gettin’ started yo! I’m excited…and i’m ready to drop it like it’s hot…

I pray for a peace in my heart…i desire to grow stronger…physically, mentally, and most importantly…spiritually. May God be glorified through my experience this summer!

…drink red kool-aid….


  1. i prefer purple kool-aid myself….

  2. nubs522 says:

    Don’t worry Marcus.
    The LORD will point you in the right direction
    Luv yaAdam

  3. amstrak01 says:

    i think you’ll have an awesome time marcus.  talk about an experience…   and remember, God’s always there to guide you.

  4. LiLTriShKiT says:

    Miss you already Marcus!

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